Message for Rudolf

Thanks Barry,
That made my day. Great chuckle.
Raymond, you must have seen that one coming.

Just havin’ some fun with the Raymond and the rest of the Canucks

Thanx for cooling us down over the past holiday

Rescheduled all of today’s work due to wife’s auto trouble and am just fielding and booking today’s calls

He’s doing a new video here:

Too funny.
Been doing @$#%ing Laminate flooring today. Yesterdays project that stopped for football. Of course, -12C here today.
Need the laughs.
Thanks guys

Barry, that was funny, and that was the first thing that crossed my mind when I read his post first.

Raymond, sorry but you stepped into that one. :wink:

Marcel :smiley:

How the heck can you do laminate when it’s that cold!! How cold is it inside? Where are you cutting the boards? I finished doing my 1300 square foot condo about a month ago. The only thing I have left is the stairs and I’m still not sure if I’m going to install the laminate there as well. I also laid marble in front of the fireplace and vinyl in the bathrooms.


Throw a lot of wood in the furnace or fireplace, but watch out for the glue.

That could spark a light in your future. ha. ha.

Marcel:) :slight_smile:

Wow Dom, you’ve been busy.
I usually cut outside but today, had to use the kitchen area. Mama wasn’t too happy about it but now that I’m finished the floor, all is forgiven.
I’ve got a 2 1/2 year old grandson that likes to help so I try to do it while he’s in daycare. He loves tools.
Laminate on the stairs looks good but, it is slippery and you usually end up putting a stair runner on them anyway.
Now -15C and getting colder. But at least I can sing along to Jingle Bells while working. Great video.

ps Going to try the templates as you suggested tonite. Will let you know how I made out tomorrow.

That was my thought, doing it in the house would definately tick off my fiance as the dust would fly all over. I ordered some stairnose that add a lip so hopefuly that will make it less slipery. My problem is with laminate downstairs and upstairs it would just seem strange to me to put carpet on the stairs. I think you’re right about the stair runner, and that will work!


I hope that stair nosing is lower that the stuff I used last year. It presented quite a tripping hazard as your shoes tend to catch on it. Wasn’t a problem until “she who must be obeyed” nearly went for a header with an arm load of cats! Then the word came down from the mount - “Thou shalt remove that #$%&&! nosing before thoust kills me!” ( and it wasn’t my idea in the first place) :mrgreen:

Now that we’ve totally ripped off Raymond’s thread, these blew the closings, but this last one should warm all spirits

Haha, I can picture it too, load of cats in the arms as well. These aren’t that high, but what did you do after you removed the nosing as a replacement? I think the nosing + a runner is probably what’s going to happen.


Oh my god, floatation devices and stair nosing together! I bet that would be great for an advertisement for shaw or armstrong.

That first pic was unbelievable! How the heck did anyone think that was a GOOD idea?


i think i found him here post #70

hope it’s the right Rudolf

seems the other one was an impostor