Today's inspection

Sometimes there really is a skeleton in the closet! :mwa-hah:

So how was the boney ol bastard any ways, has he been waiting a long time to come out of the closet,

Was the home owner a doctor or something?

My guess is Artist, judging from the supplies in back

It probably startled you as you turned on the light.
The home owner was sitting at his desk somewhere laughing out loud

Robert, you win. The seller was an eccentric old artist (well known and well sold in Europe I might add) and he left his wife for a 19 year old girl in Turkey, he was in his 60’s. The moving company was there doing an estimate to ship his stuff to Turkey while I was inspecting. You should have seen the mess he made of the basement!!! A shame too 'cause it is a huge house with indoor pool on the water and wasn’t well maintained.
Ya I looked in the door of the small room in the furtherst corner of the basement with no light on and saw that about 5 feet away…gave me a little set-back LMAO. The client couldn’t believe it either.
Guess you never know what skeletons you will find.

The projector , was the dead giveaway.
I am guessing some of his art was in the mural range.

I bet he was a “lefty” too, the artist, not the boney dude! :slight_smile:

Sheesh …your keen inspector eye and mind don’t miss a trick! Good deductions Watson.
I was told he did murals in a house in Turkey when he was younger and sold the house for $4 million.

Thats why I became an Inspector.
I am also an Artist and by nature look at details.


In Romania we have many skeletons in the closet.

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