Metal Detecting? recommendations?

I’ve been thinking I’d like to get into metal detecting, as a casual hobby, and wondered if any of you could recommend an entry level metal detector that works for you?
I’ve been looking at several, and saw the Fisher F2, and Tesoro line of detectors, but am not sure.

Any ideas? Thanks for your opinions,

You’re in Colorado after our 500-year flood that moved St. Vrain creek, a creek full of gold. I own a MineLab GPX 5000. Come on up.

Had a White Metal Detector years ago. Worked great on the beaches. Never tried the mining side of it but they have a variety of types of detectors. At one time they were on the spendy side of detectors but that may have changed. It is a great hobby.

Nick, have you found any nuggets of any size? If so Please post picts :slight_smile: Happy hunting.

Boy a fella could sure have a good time in your State these days. Wander through the mountains with a good buz finding gold and breathing clean air. I am a jealous man.

I’m no Todd Huffman ;-).

See how the CMI logo matches the color of gold? :wink:


I seen the hunks of gold Nick found when I was in Colorado, the pulty hand full he is showing you is like sissy dust…:lol:

My IR keeps me so busy I don’t have time for playing:p:twisted:

Yeah for you maybe…lol

Watching Oak Island “The Money Pit” right now on History Channel and they are using metal detectors.

The instrument Nick showed me which detects Gold looks like something from the 22th century.

But easy to use, once you understand what you’re looking for with it.

If I lived in Colorado I would have one for weekend getaways.

Should have a detector here in Arizona and Ecuador, “here are gold in them hills young man”. Lots of it, nobody has found, but certainly could.

Man that is just to cool.

When I grow up I wanna be Nick :slight_smile:

I have one ratty ole nugget that I love that my Dad got me from a cruise to Alaska with my Mom and Sister that he had to buy. I was home running the Biz :slight_smile: