I guess screw jacks are acceptable now!!


I see those all the time around here being used as a permanent support.

Those are none telescoping.

Perfectly acceptable if installed right.

and they meet the 3" diameter as required by the IRC.:slight_smile:

There is only one thing wrong. It does not meet The 2009 IRC as written.

R407.3 states that the steel columns shall not be less than 3-inch -diameter Schedule 40 pipe manufactured in accordance with ASTM A 53 Grade B or approved equivalent.

Tel-O-Post is 11 gauge or 0.1196
Schedule 40 is 0.216

So the thickness of the screw jack lacks the equivalent of the schedule 40.

Will the AHJ know what the hell I am talking about if I ask him or just forget what I saw. :mrgreen::wink:

As pictured, …
It would be considered improperly installed here…
Your market may vary…

Could you elaborate on that Joe?:slight_smile:

I received this from my friend Barry Adair, worth reading.


Although, the pictures says it was FHA , might not have meant it was approved by them nor did it meet the Code then and now as written.

Very seldon do I see Lolly columns the meet the friggin code as written.

Oh well, time to move on. :):wink:

Does this article need to be updated? http://www.nachi.org/adjustable-columns.htm


Not as far as I am concerned.

The pictures I posted dose not meet code due to the fact it is 11 gauge and not standard pipe which is schedule 40.
The code has no mention of telescopic or screw.

It just needs to be painted inside and out and standard 3" pipe.

Wow, I haven’t seen one yet that meets that code. :mrgreen::wink:

You are spliting hairs Marcel, just let it go man.

I did not write it up. :wink:

You know most used don’t meet all requirements, and we are dealing in small increments on thickness. If it fails at .216 its gonna fail at .1196

I was just trying to point out that most Manufacturers all try to sell these adjustable colums to meet code and they don’t, so what do all of you do, let it slide?

I did, but what do you say about them?:slight_smile:

I only call out the telescoping ones as most are marked for temporary or additional support use only.

Here are the permanent primary columns.

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Thank you Mike.

I believe that one should have a ICC-ES report.

Pretty much what I am trying to explain here is that many manufactures claim to have these great post and people think they are permanent columns.

Without this ICC report, they are just temporary. :slight_smile:

So would you call out these? Or how/what would you mention? There were 8-10 spread out in basement of 100 year old house, most related to repairs of previous termite damage. Some were to add extra support under remodeled bath and kitchen.

The post have been there for 5+ years.

that’s a flippin mess…

LOL, a lot of those around here.
Did you call them out as temporary?;):slight_smile:


I inform my client that the telescoping posts are intended as temporary non primary support use and monitor the structure for changing conditions.

Are the ones pictured going anyplace? Probably not.

I have used both types in a structures well over 100 years old but used the permanent ones at the end.