Metal Roof Installation

Checked out a metal roof for a client today. They had problems with the contractor and have some leaks. A couple of questions popped up that I didn’t have immediate answers for…

Should I be able to see light thru the holes under the ridge capping in the pics below? Some areas are open and others aren’t…

Also the installer shoved pieces of foam under the capping at each bottom corner of the roof? Seems a little suspect to me…??


Hi. Erich; Never seen this type of roof before, but first thing in my mind would be, did the light come from the attic indicating roof venting?

Did or were you able to find out the Manufacturer of the Product used.?

If so, would that help in reviewing the Manufactures Installation Procedures.?

That is all I can provide. Sorry.

Marcel :):smiley:

I agree about finding the manufacturer and getting the information on installation directly from them. Hopefully the light is ventilation, and the foam is approved. Good Luck.

The homeowner did not have the mfg. info readily available but he did mention he checked their installation guidelines and could not find any info about the item in question. The light is not from attic ventilation, its actually a gap you can see right through to the other side of the cap. My main concern was the possibility of a wind driven rain or snow blowing into the gaps causing leakage, which at the time of inspection there was no evidence of…There was a bunch of other details that the installer did poorly, open screw holes, half installed screws, poor flashing details, damaged sections of tile, damaged finish causing rust to start, and the list goes on…

MRWcarries the same or similar.

From your description…further evaluation by a qualified roofer is all I can say

Agreed. This is what I advised my client to do. Thanks for the website Barry.

Forget another roofer. Sounds like you need the manufacturer to send a rep out to inspect the install.

If it looks like rain can blow in… it probably can.
Qualified specialist, either roofing contractor or mfg’s rep, whichever is easier but qualified.

Ah yes, forgot to mention that as well, client did contact the mfg. but didn’t ask a rep to come out. I suggested he give them a call back and do this.