Metal roof

Another quality installation of a metal roof by, I Want To Be A Roofer! :slight_smile:




…and just think–they finished it all before lunch…

Then they ate their burritos!


That is some work of Art.

Art of what, I am not sure.
Artist should be nominated to the Hall of Defame.ha.ha.

Marcel :frowning: :slight_smile:

I would have fired those guys before the end of the first day. Looks like 28 ga steel. The finish is at best a 10 year, though most likely a five year finish. When inspecting these metal roofs never reference the ANSI Standards. The standard details are prone to leaking and rely entirely on silicone and caulk to prevent water penetration.
I marketed, sold, designed and supervised the installation of the world’s largest Architectural Metal Roofing project. The Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World. 195 roofers worked around the clock to get the job turned in on time and on schedule. I recently sat through a seminar in which the presenter claimed that there are no systems that have screw in connections through the top of the standing seam. Looks like the expert needs to see these photographs.
This roof will leak. Maybe not now, but there isn’t enough caulking in the world to stop what the future holds for this mess.

Fwiw the client hired the roofer only to find out as the work progressed that it was not very good (an understatement) and it leaked when it rained. The roofer claimed up and down that it was correct and wanted payment. He had some slack helpers too. Client never paid for the installation after retaining me to document and report on the installation. The client ended up getting another professional roofer in. And he never heard from the first roofer again.

Note the attention to detail!


I really liked the aluminum tape. Talk about discimilar metals coming into contact with one another. This looks like possibly an MBCI roofing system. Though it could be just about any number of Metal Building component systems. The manufacturer is not the problem it’s the installer. Vent stacks and other roof penetrations are really not that hard to do when you know exactly what you are working with and how to do it correctly. We saw just about every conceivable flashing situation during the Disney project. There were nine different roof designs 54 buildings total. Three commercial buildings nine pool houses and twelve bus stops. We were called to consult on the Dixie Landings, Swan and Dolphin Resorts while we were on Disney property. I hope the new installer had the materials available to make the corrections and endthe leaks.

Hi. Ray Glen;

Although I am not a metal roof expert, I have been involved and associated with the product from time to time.
What I see in Raymond’s photo, is a more Manufactured standing seam and not the real standing seam roofing product that you talk about that was used at Disney World. I was there in 1972 when they were building these units, but did not work on them personally.

Raymond, I believe, and I can be corrected if I am wrong, is showing a residential standing seam store bought, and it comes with pre-caulked seams and attached with screws as you see it. Personally, I would not buy it for aesthetic reasons, but that is another story.
The mechanized seam crimper is not always available to local small Contractor, due to their expense. If research is done on the product of the picture submitted by Raymond Wand, you will probably find that it is recommended to mechanically seam the standing joint of the sheet metal.

In any case, it does not compare to the quality of products that you might have encountered at the Disney Construction Site.

Thanks for the information.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Good morning Marcel

I don’t know where the roofer got the roofing material, and to my knowledge it was not a standing seam. But then again it could be manufactured to be a installed as a standing seam.

Judging by the installation you can be sure he did not have the proper equipment.

You have to use hand breaks and mechanical breaks to make the proper flashing material. Just the cap on the gable end is something that should have been made from one piece and not pieced together. The roof material appears to be a Metal Building Component. That’s why there are screws through the top of the batten or standing seam. It’s narrow enough to be considered a seam. This is not what is considered to be an Architectural Metal Roof. If there was a need for a crimper on this project then the exposed screws in the top of the seam would not be showing. The installers would have used a consealed fastener that would have been rolled into the seam mechanically. There were many Metal Roof projects at Disney World in Orlando. The Caribbean Beach Resort was started in 1989 and completed in 1991. During that construction project the Dixie Landings Project, Dolphin and Swam were built during that time frame. I believe in 1972 the Contempory and Tahitian Hotels were built. The Tahitian has a brown metal roof.

This is just so bad, but its worth looking at these pictures for entertainment purposes only. :slight_smile:


Remember this is on a new roof!



Good Night !

These boys just got better as time marched on didn’t they ? As poorly as they are written and detailed even the ANSI Standards for metal and roofing would have been 1,000 times better than what these guys did. I’ll almost bet they operated out of an old pickup truck, their phone lines are disconnected and they are now operating somewhere in the US.

I’m just glad t see the fastener color matched the roof color…sheesh.

Hi. Raymound;

I believe that the photos you supplied, show the problem with the picture and explain how people can make a diaster of the installation no matter what.

And that is the way it is. Now page two. ha. ha.

Have a good day.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeah a picture is worth a thousand laughs, right? :wink:

Yeah, and a thousand racist quotes. Why not blame some gypsys or just some con artist contractors, there are plenty of those around. You should blame the contractor who hires unqualified workers so they can make an extra buck. Union bustin, race to the bottom, profit at all costs Republicans probably.

From what I gathered there was some drinking on the job site.
As you can see the installation is on a completely renovated 100 year old farmhouse.




I encountered a crew that drank on the jobsite, blasted their radios for all to hear and to make matters worse…sold drugs on the jobsite. That was not a pretty lawsuit to deal with. The boys were all white…so it covers all races and ethnic groups.