What do you all think of this? It is barely a year old!

Don’t like it. I would suspect each of those ridges or seams will develop cracks if not already apparent, which will lead to water entry. Looks like someone goofed.

That is a frigging travesty alright…:shock:

Are they going to tear it off and start over, maybe get it right the second time?..:shock:

I would not let those guys stucco a dog house!

What is that, stucco over OSB?

What is the problem there; mesh not fastened correctly? OSB swelling or shrinking?

I am trying to contact the home owner! There are a lot of possibilitys!
1.Improper spaceing and fastening of the OSB.
2.Improper lath job.
3.The sand they used for basecoat was to fine maybe brick sand.
4.No doubt they did not let the basecoat cure out before applying the finish coat.
5.The stucco could have been done before the sheetrock was. Which will help the stucco crack more.
6.Problems with the moisture barrier and the sheathing getting wet and swelling.

The most basic problem is that it is stucco.

Whats wrong with stucco?

:mrgreen: It’s going to take a realy big iron and 55 gal. of starch to get those wrinkles out.:mrgreen:

Yes, what’s wrong with stucco?

I’ve found that the condition in the picture results from either waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much margarita, er, water in the mix (and builders love to do that to make the stucco last for five houses instead of one house) or using beach sand (it’s free, albeit illegal to take from the beaches) in the mix, again to make the stucco mix go farther.

You are slipping there was no mention of margaritas!


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I don’t think I would spend too much time trying to figure out how this stucco job and performance got so f??ked up, but rather include in the inspection report, this product has been installed in a fashion that the outcome of the finished product has been deemed unacceptable to the standard of the industry standards.
Major repair is required to rectify the inadequate installation.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is another common problem I generally find on every building.

Jennifer-Queen Creek 011.jpg

Thats nothing a little monkeybutt putty won’t fix dale!:mrgreen:

It’s a real good thing you don’t get much rain. It is just cosmetic but with the weepscreed it looks like crap. If they ran the weepscreed to the corner they would need more thickness on the wall to fill it out. Or is that a bad counter flashing attempt?

2 much time 2 much money.

Good luck catching the monkey for the putty!