Metal slats on patio roof, with photo

These are metal slats on a slat patio roof. They don’t appear to be meant for this purpose, but they work great and I would like to get some for my own roof. Anyone have an idea what they were originally designed for and where I can buy them?
Thanks for you help.

Looks like a Pasture gate! That photo doesn’t really tell us anything.

Looks like hat channels


They are hat shape channels, and/or furring use for drywall ceiling framing or applied to walls for sound proofing.

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I agree, but can’t say where to buy them…sorry. :thinking:

Home Depot can get them or a local drywall contractor that buys them wholesale for retail. We have one local.

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Exposed metal/steel slats on patio roofs are to defuse sunlight.
You can have the frame manufactured at most iron / steel works manufactures.

Thanks for all the help! I finally found them myself at Home Depot. They’re metal furring strips

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