Metal studs with trusses

Did a pre- drywall today, that had trusses and interior metal framing.
So I have two questions, as metal studs are rare around here.

Generally, as you know, non-load bearing framed walls should not be attached to the trusses, as it may cause drywall damage from uplift. However, with metal studs, they don’t really have a choice, and all the interior walls were screwed to the trusses. (Or is this also an issue?)

Second, the trusses were missing lateral bracing on the bottom chords. Does the top plate of the metal framing suffice as bracing? Because they had some bracing, but only near the center where there were no walls

the same/similar as wood hardware should have been used
i’d call it out as well as the stud/plate gauge if plans were available & i mic’d them or looked for labeling for compliance

otherwise refer all concerns to the engineer of record for written prescriptive corrections & written review upon corrections completion or get paid again to review yourself

btw: i’ve hands on and ran crews installing thousands of ft, if not millions on commercial from single story to 72 story

a primer:

there’s a whole housing development around me that i did a ton of inspections at once word got out to the builders and potential homeowners that my background was both steel & wood framing as well as other trades


The problem with calling out the attachment to the trusses, is that nothing will be done. This is a whole development, all done the same way, so I was surprised.
But I will report it for my own liability, thx!

These “hybrid” openings are interesting. I noticed this jack stud does not touch the header.


From Barry’s posted reference


Cover your liability. Don’t box yourself in.

A 2x4 will be added to the header before a pre hung door is installed. An 80 inch door will get a 82 1/2 inch rough opening.