Metalliscanner for wind mits

Nope, it takes years to change the form. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s how the E-bay seller got it:D

Probably the guy would never call me back after 5 times trying to get back there I just gave up.

It will be great when he calls me back for something. I’ll go get my tool if it is still there and leave.

John, as I understand the process it is: OIR/DFS pubblic meeting on the form, 1st Governor’s Cabinet meeting on the form, 2nd OIR publuc meeting on the form, Final governor’s Cabinet meeting to approve the final version of the form. we have had the 1st publid meeting last summer, 1st cabinet meeting last fall, 2nd public meeting last month. If that information is correct, all we are waiting on is for the OIR to come up with and present the final version to the Governor’s cabinet for approval and a effective date for the form.

They are looking for more public comments now. I am not sure where it puts us in the flow. If they change the form again it may start over again.

Change the form. That new form is ridiculous.

They need to only ask questions that matter and have an effect on the discount.

Having to photograph a nail with a ruler is too difficult to ask if it is not right there at the hatch .Asking us to identify the type and description when it will have no more bearing than is it 8D or equivalent is asinine.

Just one of the many problems.

1/2 of the homes I inspect it is not safe or worth the risk to person and property to crawl all over hell trying to take a photo for an idiot behind a desk.


But, I’ll give you fifty dollars to forward your email and phones to mine. :twisted::mrgreen:

Naaaa I still need to feed the family :slight_smile:

I am thrilled we agree.

I do not mind the new form. There is items that I would change but can live with it.

Now you went and ruined my special fuzzy feeling :frowning:

I thought we were actually on the same page for once :slight_smile:

Have you read the proposed forms requirement for single wraps? It changes the nailing from 3 and 1, to 2 and 1.

Clients are going to think we are nuts! Thousands of homeowners are going to go from: single wraps, to clips, back to single wraps.

Good for them for once. the clients have been screwed to many times to count before.

Everything about the form is all wrong.

I would like the opportunity to create the form that the questions and answers are black and white and loose the pictures as they prove nothing.

Make a quick one and post it.

I would have to put some time and effort into it.

I do not have the time as of now to do it just for fun :slight_smile:

Since I saw the new proposed form, I have been adding this to the e mail to my clients: Although your roof to wall attachment is marked clips, in the future, if proposed changes go through with regards to the 1802 form, the attachment will change to single wraps, which may entitle you to an additional discount. I will be more than happy to submit the new form, with this change, at no charge.

Under the picture, I write roof to wall attachment, clips, single wrap with 2 nails on one side, one on the other.

All I will have to do is change one box.

I got a Zircon MT6 at Lowe’s 5 months ago for $100. At that time Lowe’s was $29 cheaper than anyplace I could find online of local. It works well and seems to be fairly durable. I’d just get the MT6 if I were you.

picture are a good thing. It doesnt add to much more ttime and you have proof on what you saw. Average wind mit time for me on siteis 20-30min

John, I send you an email over a week ago and never got any feedback (enclosed my OM /Mold report)

Pictures are not a good thing as they are not necessary and prove absolutely nothing. They should be taken to back ones decisions but should NOT be required for customers to get credit. Someone is going to get killed trying to photograph a nail with a ruler next to it.

Crooks fake the pictures all the time and just stick in photos from old reports.

Which is why they will soon require you to use a GPS camera. :stuck_out_tongue: