Meter Base question

Is this Kosher??

Most utility companies would say no. Around here the meter is required to be between 3’6" and 5’6" above the finish grade. Being that low on a decking surface is an invitation for damage to the metering equipment or worse. How low is the service drop at the top?

The drop was fine, i think the portion of the deck was added after the fact.

Sean, is that deck elevated off the ground? I mean, was the meter originally okay height wise, and then they built the elevated deck around it? Know what I mean?

Yeah Ian I believe so. I just put it might not be safe and consult further to relocate or build a structure around to protect. Its been a long night. One of my longer reports.

Like RM said, that would not fly with the power company here either. Here they will not allow the meter over a deck, regardless of correct mounting height or nor.

TN code I believe says that the top of meter must be between 4 & 6 feet (as opposed to the 44-66 inch IRC) above final grade and that no meters can be installed under or on decks, porches, in carports or located on the front of the house.

Good thing it doesn’t snow much down here; they’d freak if they saw that back in CT :wink:

Al in TN

Here is the kicker. It had a recently updated meter. New digital one. Guess they were not too concerned. I say the deck has been there for over 10 years. Welcome to East TN

Do you know why the meter base should be so high?

For somebody does not piss on it.