Meter close to ground

Is there a height requirement for the meter. Ihave read 4 feet in the past but I can’t find a code reference. I think this one was probably fine before the deck was added. Also, who would fix this? an certified, qualified, licensed awesome master electrician :mrgreen: or the utility company?

Thanks guys!

1 If your electric meter will be
under it, the deck must be at
least 7 feet high.
2 There must be 36 inches of
unobstructed space in front of
the meter.
3 There must be a 36-inch
wide unobstructed travel path in
front of the meter.
4 There must be at least
2 inches of space on both sides
of the meter.
5 No structure may be built
around the meter, except for
approved meter rooms.
6 Doors or windows cannot be
within one foot of the meter.
7 Meters located inside fenced
areas must have gate access.

utility company will need to schedule with clients electrician. essiently both- at least in my area

Interesting checklist…not sure of it’s correctness but to each his own. I would also check to see the deck had a permit pulled as it obviously came after the meter was installed.

Also just some FYI…section 230.66 says that meter enclosures are not considered part of service equipment. Installed by the electrician and typically once sealed property of utility.

OK here is one from Will Decker…

I got a dollar against a dime that no one does anything about it.

This meter could get very interesting if the home owner gets a boy dog .
I have seen AC units destroyed by dog P .

Where does that come from?

Good question as I copied off something several years ago.
Look accurate?

I can’t think of anything that regulates the meter placement. That is determined by the utility as far as I know.

OK turns out not a reliable source.

Lots of POCO rules on search here however…,mod=18&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

I called Paul and gave me a great way to put it into my report. The most important point being that it is not a serious problem.

Not sharing ?](

At the end of the day the biggest concern for me would be if the deck had permits. Guidelines are great but not law. Fact is will this meter enclosure need servicing, maintenance and so on…most likely not. Now, the POCO may have a concern but again thats not a defect u would flame out.

I advice to mention it in the report as something to be aware of and to watch out fir but other than that no serious concern…to me anyway in my opinion and in a buyers prospective opinion. How many completed meter enclosures you been into???probably none after the origional installation.