Service Cable?

Is there anyway this is acceptable?

What do you see wrong?

Deck ? to close? Not sure that is a problem.

It is not the feeder.

I go by this

1 If your electric meter will be
under it, the deck must be at
least 7 feet high.
2 There must be 36 inches of
unobstructed space in front of
the meter.
3 There must be a 36-inch
wide unobstructed travel path in
front of the meter.
4 There must be at least
2 inches of space on both sides
of the meter.
5 No structure may be built
around the meter, except for
approved meter rooms.
6 Doors or windows cannot be
within one foot of the meter.
7 Meters located inside fenced
areas must have gate access.

Yes, or course. Why wouldn’t it be? That looks identical to hundreds of thousands of services done in SE cable in the northeast.

looks fine to me…

Curious where these requirements come from? Sounds like something off a cheat sheet.

Agreed…I see alot of “MUST” terms in that check list. Robert is this derived from your local POCO ( as we in Virginia call the “Blue Book” ) or from some HI checklist?

Not sure where I got it from.
Source is missing from my clips.

To answer Marc that may be related to cable enclosures and so forth.

At least we agree.:):):slight_smile:

The reason I asked is because only #3 (pretty much the same as #2) and #5 echo similar code requirements, I agree with #7 just because it’s a good idea. The rest are just silly, which do nothing to enhance the safety of the installation.

and it’s on this MB so it “MUST” be true :mrgreen:

Looks like the house I grew up in!

You guys have go to get over that every darn house you inspect does not need to comply with today’s code.

It doesn’t matter if you “don’t like the looks of it”!

If you don’t have an adverse condition associated with it, it’s not in your hands…

Read your State HI law, or the SOP you prescribe to.

I have just made a report template that actually “IS” the HI law in print.
This is the basis to start the report, more is added depending on issues addressed by the state.

You can see this template at:

lol…Oh yes…Indeed

Thanks for verifying what I already new regarding the SE cable, even though around here it is very rare. There was a “friend” with the agent that said it was “home owner rigged” and that all service entrance must be in conduit. I didn’t feel like arguing at the time and it’s great to know I have you guys to back me up.

The prohibition might be a local amendment or a POCO rule. As has been said it is in compliance with the NEC as a wiring method.