Meter to panel question

Here’s a photo that another inspector sent me for my opinion. Apparently that is exposed SE cable between the meter and the panel. Does it need to be protected, i.e. in conduit?

I would assume it’s less than 7ft above the ground. I would say yes. Also, as configured, what keeps water out?

Yeah, the bushing on the left looks especially suspect doesn’t it? On the other hand, the POCO apparently was OK with it and it’s stood the test of time it seems. No that that matters :). The other inspector definitely deferred it to an electrician but was curious as to others thoughts.

I am not going to comment on the connector at the meter as it does not look like any I am familiar with. I will comment on the SE Cable. It does not need any protection as SE Cable is rated to be run exposed and when kicking in the protection it has to be in a position subject to the damage and nested between the meter and panel I would not call it out as subject to physical damage…

Thanks Paul. I’ll convey that message to the inspector that asked me about it.

Looks like that may be one of the utilities ground straps around the WP connector on the left side.