No overcurrent protection for SE

1977 home; meter on left side of home (no main disconnect), main panel in garage on right side of home. No overcurrent protection on SE cable running through attic. Was this once allowed and if so; how should I write it up. thanks

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Copy of 130328  Full, 4 Pt, Wind 003.jpg

The code is a bit ambiguous with regard to the distance from the meter to the disconnect/service equipment. It reads something like “shall be located as close as practical,” so it’s a bit of a judgment call on your part.

Jeff thanks for the quick reply but could you help me in the write up; something like “Improve or Recommendation” or should I just let it let. Don’t want to make a moutain out of a molehill. Also; would it be allowed by today’s standards. By the way; distance was 35 feet. Thanks

I see a conduit out of the bottom of the meter enclosure, how does it get to the attic?

Robert, you’re right it goes below grade under slab and comes up through the bottom of the main panel. Maybe not so much an issue? Thanks for catching that. Mike

Mike did a 4 point just a few days ago built in 1979 that had the service entrance meter and main disconect on one end of house and main panel 35 to 40 feet at garage on opposite end of house with feeds going through attic.

Under the slab qualifies as being considered outside of the structure so there is no limit as to how long those conductors can be.