MIC and Mountain Warranty ?

Do any of you doing MIC use the Mountain Warranty and How? It is to your customer not the buyer correct? Do you offer to do a reinspect for the buyer so the seller can use that as marketing to the buyers? Any input would be great:)

Tread carefully when offering the Mountain product in Florida. Last year the state shut down all of the companies offering short term warranties in Florida. After that the Mountain group reworded their product and changed the language so that they could offer the product under the letter of the law in Florida. I would suspect that the title of this thread would put you in hot water with the state if a consumer ever complained.

My question to this is…"Can you still use the 100 day commitment of “Mountain Group as a marketing tool?” since it has rewritten the agreement to conform to florida laws

As I understand it the short answer is Yes just as long as you don’t refer to it as a warranty.

Unlike everyone else who got kicked out of Florida, Mountain doesn’t sell to the consumer or reimburse the consumer. We only work with our own InterNACHI members, B 2 B. Mountain is the only legal operation in Florida.

In my brochure I say ask about my Inspection Guarantee

Is AHW not legal in FL?

Nope. It isn’t IMHO.


I just found a site of a NACHI member offering a free “100 day warranty” with his $199 home inspection that includes a free wind mit and 4 point. His $199 only covers homes up to 3500 sq ft, though. After that, it’s an additional nickel per square foot. LOL

He says that sellers who pay him for this under the MIC program will be allowed to review and “correct” his report before he publishes it.

I’m not kidding.

Let me guess… he’s in FL and is licensed.


Licensing solve nothing.

Hey, that’s a good one. Mind if I borrow that line? LOL:D

And a Certified Member of INachi, and offering a free "100 day Mountain warranty " and offering MIC.

I was surprised he is not a CMI.

Not to worry, the state is broke and here will be no enforcement, the only thing appropriated was the salary for the clerk who collects licensing fees. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to do some MIC inspections. It’s the norm in the San Francisco area and I’ve tried to get some agents on it here. They like the idea but there are very few “conventional” home sales here right now. If they are short selling it they aren’t willing to pay for an inspection. As for Mountain. I was thinking about it. Even ran it past a few close Realtor friends that think it sounds pretty nice. But I guess like Florida there may be an issue with offering it here. I couldn’t get anyone to tell me it’s allowed or not. Until I get the official word on it I don’t offer it but I think I would if I knew I could. It seems better than some of the others I’ve looked at.

I’m now offering the 100 Day Inspection Coverage as part of the service I provide. It’s included in the price and they are provided a copy of the certificate on the day of the inspection. Prior to the inspection, I provide them a sample copy of the certificate with all the terms and conditions and stress that they review it completely. I do not in any way suggest that this is a warranty or insurance to them. I merely re-explain how the program works and outline a few of the items covered while pointing out the area that states “normal wear and tear” etc. I suggest its a program that will give clients added piece of mind. Agents are really liking this.