MIC with Buy Back Guarantee

Will the Move In Certified program work with the Buy Back Guarantee?


Maybe my brain is in vapor lock, but how would that work, and how would you sell it?


If you inspect it and they can’t sell it, Nick will buy it! :wink:

I believe just the address goes into the Buy Back system. If the buyer choses to not have their own inspection and go of the seller’s inspection, InterNACHI will buy it if something major is missed.
Nick please correct me if I am wrong.

I think that is a great idea! I could sell the heck out of MICs.:smiley:

I agree. so, can the seller pay us for the inspection and will the buyback be valid for the buyer? just want to confirm before I pitch these

Fine Print:

I thought that the buyer had to be present during the inspection as well. Did the fine prints changed lately? I like to know the same as Dennis.




Nick, how can Buy Back work with MIC if the customer needs to be the buyer?

Since the Buy Back is a 90 day program and you do a MIC but the home does not sell for 60 days, does this mean there is only 30 days left on the Buy Back or will the time start at the close of escrow

Read www.nachi.org/buyHonored for 90 days after closing.

I see some scam warranties where the clock starts on the day of the inspection.

Does the Buy Back Guarantee also include closing costs?

Ours, yes.

Like the Warranties Nathan and his RWS offer ?

I love it. Nick I truly appreciate all NACHI has to offer and all the awesome Benefits !!! That also includes all the Humor and entertainment that comes with it.

Thanks again.


I admit I can be dense sometimes, but this is confusing me…

I see the answer that the buy back does work with the MIC, but I also see where the inspection needs to be done for the buyer.

Can someone please clarify? If the seller pays for the MIC, is the buy back good for the buyer for 90 days after closing?

Perhaps that’s because you haven’t received a direct answer to anything yet. GET IT IN WRITING before assuming and committing to anything!!!

I’m late to this thread, but is this also compatible with the $10k guarantee?


Yes, but they are mutually exclusive as every member gets the $10,000.00 Honor Guarantee anyway. www.nachi.org/honor It comes with membership, you need not do anything, every member gets it automatically.

Thanks for the response, Nick.

Can we get the Buy Back website changed to reflect that https://www.nachi.org/buy-faq.htm. It is the third question above the video.

Thanks for all that you do!