Michael Rowan and I just spent $140,000.00 on racks for outside Real Estate offices.

Michael Rowan and I just combined our orders of outdoor newspaper racks to get the best pricing possible on http://www.goplastics.com/images/products/SS-6C.jpg

The racks will be used to offer copies of the Certified Master Inspector Guides, the REAL Property Times newspaper (a NACHI publication), and other inspection related publications.

Although Michael and I personally split the cost of this project 50/50, each rack will be for combined use. The racks and publications will be shipped to participating RE/MAX offices and other real estate offices across N. America this summer.


Thank you for promoting NACHI and NACHI members across the USA. This is why we are growing and ASHI and NAHI are “dying”:smiley:

Who needs and “Ice Pick” when you have savvy marketing!

I prefer cement boots myself.

One who sells ice.:wink:

Michael and I started our own VC group, so if you have any ideas that might help the inspection industry and you need some help with it, we want to talk to you.

Nick… thank you… and tell Michael thank you very much also.
I give credit where credit is due, and Michael earned this one.

So you want an idea Nick? Why don’t you buy pay per click
ads that will show up on the front page of Google, in all 50
states, everytime the word “home inspector” or “home inspection”
is searched for?

What’s money for, if you don’t spend it? :mrgreen:

What do you think?

Great idea!

don’t forget…the world does not end at the 49th parallel:p

I must be half asleep or something!!:shock:

What is a VC group? :-k :?: ](*,)

Venture Capital

In 1969, it meant Viet Cong.

John, because although many search for keywords “home inspector” and “home inspection” on google, most potential clients (the only people we care to have find us) don’t. The people we care most to attract (those that are about to hire us) most often enter into a google search: the following string “certified home inspector” + the name of the city they are looking for an inspector in. For example “certified home inspector Las Vegas”

That’s no problem Nick.

Set up your Google ad to respond to all three phrases or more…
It all cost the same.

Just tell Google that you want to show up when the
phrase is typed in for:

Certified Home Inspector
Home Inspector
Home Inspection

Let Google know, that you want your ad on the front
page, no matter what city they put with these words.
Google will be happy to deal with NACHI.

If they click on any phrase you set up… we all win!!!

If they don’t click on a certain phrase that day…
it cost nothing.

Why not try it? It’s a no brainer, if that is the only
thing your concerned about.

Right, JB;
I was a little concerned, myself . . .

Johns right. Use ad words for google and yahoo… I also don’t know if “certified” is the first word that pops in to some ones head. Easy to check though, just ask 10 people that are not in the H.I. business how they would look up a H.I. on line and see what they answer. Just ask them what they would search, and don’t give them choices and see what they say. Or ask them to pick from : 1. H.I. 2. Certified H.I. 3. Licensed H.I. and see what they say.

But Johns right. The easiest way is just include “Certified” in yahoo and googles ad words. Chris will be able to set this up in about 1 hour.

We already have several NACHI sites that come up on PAGE 1 of most every google search naturally.

Certified is at the bottom of the barrel for keywords used in ANY searches.

People use the word Certified looking for an inspector VERY VERY SELDOM.

Thought I would tell you for the fiftieth time Nick…!!!..:smiley:

I’m not interested in what keywords are used to find home inspectors. I’m only interested in what keywords are used by the small portion of the above aforementioned group who are looking and likely to hire a home inspector. And “certified” is at the top of that barrell. Ask any consumer on the street what thing they would want to know about an inspector before hiring one if they could only know one thing about the inspector. They all answer the same… and it ain’t “I’d want to know if he’s licensed” or “I’d want to know if he’s insured.”

Remember, I have absolutely no interest in getting traffic from people looking for home inspectors. Heck, 1/2 the traffic of that group is coming from within our own industry from inspectors looking for themselves or their competitors. I’m only interested in getting traffic that leads to our members getting hired (a very unique subset of the aforementioned group).

Thought I’d explain it for the 50th time, to no avail I’m sure.

Here people search for City Name Home Inspection/s. No one types in certified. That’s just redundant.

Correct. City is actually first, “certified” second, and the ancillary service third (if the consumer is looking for a home or mold or whatever type of inspection).

Again though, these are not the keywords that generate the most hits… something I’m not seeking.

Fine then Nick.:smiley:

Will we see the news boxes in Phoenix?