Michigan Builder's License

Since Michigan does not license home inspectors, most Michigan inspectors carry a Residential Builder’s License. I have a Michigan Builder’s License in the name of my LLC. Just got a notice from the state that due to new legislation, it will be suspended unless the Principal Officer (me) gets a Builder’s License in my name at a fee of $225.00. Has anyone found a way around this?

Jim King

There is no way around it. all builders must have one individual licensed by the state to keep the license in an active status.

Mike’s correct. For 35 years I’ve just kept it in my personal name and never had a problem.

‘Most’ MI inp`s carry builders license? Really?

From my understanding A real person in a business always had to have a license in order for the businesses license not to go void. Otherwise all anyone would need to do is hire some for a day to go to Lansing to take the test for the business. What good would a Contractor Business (Builder) be for the public if the owner and all the employees were all accountants that could not find work so they started building houses? (:?: Hay, a 2-8 door is 28" wide right??? real answer is 32" wide and that isn’t the rough opening.)

I am the person who took the test and applied for the license. I just made the mistake of filling in the blank on the application where they asked for the name of my business. The license was then issued in the name of the business. The state knows that I passed the exam and applied for the license. They are not asking me to take another test, only to send them $225.00. I suspect that is why they issued the license to the business in the first place, so they could double dip.

Jim King