Microsoft Office for $10?

Why do you need my work email address?
The terms of this program require that you have a valid e-mail address with a participating company.
You need a program code from your employer to be eligible.

So do you have a code for us Nick?

I was able to purchase Microsoft Office through this program when I worked at Tyson Foods.

I passed on the link to the site to Nick thinking that possibly
He or InterNACHI could look into how we as an association can get in on this deal.

I told Nick that I thought this would be a great possible benefit for the membership.
Nick replied that he posted the link and thanked me.

When I asked if he was able to get the benefit set up for InterNachi, his reply was NO maybe a member can figure it out.

So I will check into it more and see if I can get something done or what I need from InterNACHI to complete this. I will post results on this thread.

It’s not clear to me how it works or how to get it to work. If anyone figures it out, email me.

Simple… In a nutshell… if you work for a company that uses Office, and they sign up for the program, an employee can purchase a License based off of the companies License so they can work from home, saving many companies big bucks when an employee cannot make it into the office that day (ie. sick child).

I bought it for $10 but you have to have a company code to do so. My code was provided by the USAF.

Since I am part owner of the USAF, GIVE ME THE CODE!..Just joking…

I’ll have staff contact them and see if they will view all InterNACHI members as one company.

If I still had the code I would send it to you guys I bought it last year.

Just got off the phone with Microsoft Home User Program.

Basically a participating company has to have 1 valid software licence for each available employee.

Company purchases Microsoft Office for $425 (1 valid License)
Employee can purchase Microsoft Office for $9.95 (1 Home User)

So unfortunately this will not work for this association. InterNachi would have to purchase 10,000 + copies at $425 or whatever the current price is, for each of us to be able to purchase at $9.95

Once the employee leaves the company their version is supposed to no longer be valid.

Microsoft does offer other bulk purchasing discounts for large groups I did not look into these options.

Thanks for the information John.

I am sorry guys initially I thought this would be a great opportunity for the membership.

John, thanks for trying/looking into it though!

Did anything ever get accomplished with this offer?


Not going to happen because it can’t