Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Has A Serious Problem

Oct 6, 2018,07:40pm
Microsoft WarnsWindows 10 Has A Serious Problem

warning others to urgently postpone the major1809 update. And, worse still, it turns out this should’ve been preventable

Microsoft](](“”)newWindows 10 monthly charges](, that has not improved the qualityof its updates.1](,2),Spiceworksand the company’s ownsupport site](](“”)

Move to Linux to solve all your issues!

I know nothing about Linux and this popped up on Google: Help! My Linux OS has become corrupted - TechRepublic

At 83 my trying to learn another system would be impossible . Thanks for the suggestion but I will pass … Roy

Hah Hah! Yes that person is using a multi-boot system (Microscrew Winders 7 and two flavors of Linux) all on the same boot partition. Put Microscrew Winders on any system and it is a problem but with it on a primary boot partition with Linux and Microscrew typically does screw it up eventually.

Run a pure Linux system and problems might be there but they are way less severe and easier to deal with! Here is one major advantage with Linux. I’m sure you have probably reloaded a Microscrew system after having issues. It takes FOREVER and never properly reloads with lots of fiddling around. That even if you’re reloading from a full back-up. With Linux I can completely reload a system, and everything is back to normal, either from a back-up or just reload the OS and then reload your modifications in no time flat!

Linux ROCKS!!

Thank, Manny! :slight_smile:

I think they pulled the update.