Might be old hat to some...

…but I’ve never seen this setup before. Furnace exhaust. Is it kosher? So close to siding? Oops, just tilt your head.

High effiecency unit?

I believe so. I couldn’t find the energy rating tag. How else can you tell?

Make and model# ??

It looks odd but I would lie to see the install guide.

I couldn’t find any of that information. Someone removed the tags. The only writing I could find was the standard warning label and the brand “American Standard”. The covers looked exactly like these, but I don’t know which one it is.

What is the problem?

It’s a concentric fitting that is not being used that way.

I was wondering if it’s ok to have the exhaust so close to the siding. I haven’t seen this setup before.

Yes, it is not much hotter than a dryer vent.

It is a high efficency “condensing” furnace. It “squashes” the heat out! :slight_smile:

Thanks David.

I see the problem. It’s upside down!

Oh Tilt it to the…Right.

never mind

It appears to be a high efficient type exhaust. But It looks like it is next to a exhaust vent and the dryer vent. One pipe is the intake (bottom) and the other is the exhaust (top) but that close to the other exhausts may be a problem. Dryer lint being pulled in to the intake and if it is a Natural gas exhaust for a gas fireplace that is a problem being that close to the intake.

It looks like they added a drip leg to catch the condensation from the exhaust. I have never seen one but i dont see a problem with it.

Is the combustion chamber sealed?

also some of the exhausts pipes were recalled also here is a link to check

It sure was. I assume that’s a high efficiency trait?

Yes that is and i would check with a Hvac company in your area about the closeness to the other vents. 3 feet sticks out in my mind for here but may be different somewhere else.

Thanks Mark.

What’s the point of the Y fitting pointing toward the metal vent. Hmmm?

Must be 3 feet from dryer vent or any other appliance vent.

See page 31.

Do not worry about brand as this is fairly standard from what I see.

The bottom one that looks like a dryer vent is actually the furnace intake, the one labeled “hot” is the water heater exhaust, not entirely sure what the elbowed one facing down is or what the purpose of the “y” is either. It does have an AC unit tied in.

Normally the air intake schedule 40 is the one facing down and the exhaust is facing straight out.
They never bother to bend it because it has condensate from the cooler gases in a high efficiency anyway.

I also usually see them like 18’ apart.(if the bother to run the air intake outside)

From the picture I thought the square one looked like a heatilator vent.