Mike Crow will pay your InterNACHI membership dues next year.

Enter your name and email for complete details: www.FreeInterNACHI.com

The Circus is back in town!


Why would anyone need their dues subsidized after attending the 3-Days? I mean, with what you’ll learn money should be your last problem. :roll:

Because people that make good money never like a good deal :slight_smile:

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Hey I’m on that list to :wink: lol

Hello Billy,
Congratulations! Your Sponsorship Of The 2014 3 Days Of Secrets Revealed Is
Now Confirmed!

Mike Crow’s Project Manager Brad Yarbrough will be your contact for this event.
You can contact him at dreamteam@mikecrow.com

The Sponsor Hall will be open to our attendees during designated times on both
February 24th and 25th.

REMINDER: Call To Make Your Hotel Reservation…

The 2014 3 Days of Secrets Revealed will be held at the…
Sheraton DFW Hotel
4440 W. John Carpenter Freeway Irving, TX 75063.

Hey, what’s the price for 3-Days of Silence from Thornberry going for? :roll:

It’s the same as my book: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/conquer.aspx I watched who bought it in Colorado. It’s all the guys that don’t need any more marketing or business success tips, they have nearly the entire Colorado market sewed up between them. One member ordered two copies. I asked him why he ordered two (I thought it was a mistake). He said he is making his secretary who answers his phones read the other one.

Conversely, the members in Colorado that really need my book (and yes, I know who they are), never ordered it. I don’t know what to say about that. And I sure don’t know what to do about it.

I don’t guys the Yelp man called today and promised more business than I know what to do with for a mere $3,600 minimum starting price.

Just pay and let them do the work…:slight_smile:

Well Bob, I certainly wouldn’t give some Yelp telemarketer any money. But you should invest in your own company instead of Apple or Facebook or Twitter or IBM.

I have members in my own chapter that complain they have too much work. I have members in my own chapter who complain they don’t have enough work. Guess which group invested in their company by purchasing my book? Yep, the members that didn’t need it. I watched this happen with my own eyes. Drives me nuts.

Must be a heavy book.

Do you aim at the Agents or the Sellers head ?:slight_smile:

320 pages.

I Bought your book and am having the best January since the Real Estate Crash, hope I find time to read it. :wink:

What real estate crash? :wink:

So…It works by osmosis? Just place it under your pillow?

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@#$%W$R! I just signed up yesterday. Is this still a good offer or am I too late?

Still good.