Dallas -- 3 Days of Secrets

Anyone going? If so come find me and say hello or lets go out and get something to eat and chat a bit.

I’ll go if someone pays my way and rents me a Captain Kirk costume!

Being that there is a Star Wars theme this year you would look silly as Captain Kirk :slight_smile:

I’ll be there Monday night through Wednesday morning. InterNACHI is a sponsor: http://www.3daysofsecretsrevealed.com/dir/?p=404

You’re right Troy!
But I’ll bet you’ll look great as Princess Leia!:twisted::mrgreen::shock:

Wrong again, I don’t have the hair for it :wink:

Problem Solved!

$1 if you tell me the secret .Post it here and I promise not to tell.
Never mind ,just found my copy of ‘Awaken The Giant’ by Tony Robbins.

In my previous career I was actually a safe cracker so once I heard about Mike Crows “Vault of Secrets” I figured I’d pay a visit one dark and stormy night.

Lo and behold the Vault opened before me and There Was The Secret!

It was a very old hand inscribed manuscript, just one line.

It read…

“Hey Schmuck, get off the couch and go market your butt off!” :shock:

Some people just prefer to pay for the “secret”.

Yeah, pay up and lose 3 days to boot!
But hey maybe you could get a selfie with Darth Vader.:roll:

Increased business business over 250% since I went to 3 Days in 2013. I’m pretty sure missing a few days of work was worth it :slight_smile:

It’s awesome that you have no need for it Tom, but you seem to have a need to misrepresent something you have no knowledge of when this topic comes up.

There may be members like me who just aren’t as gifted as you and will be lucky enough to find a group of people to work with to bring their business to the next level.

P.S. See you there Billy. My wife is selling her business and joining me because of our growth, and will be heading up our marketing. :slight_smile:

All you need to know about getting scammed and scamming your clients can be found right here.

I still have 5 free tickets. Anyone want one? If so, email me at fastreply@nachi.org

Been to one of Mike’s classes, just the same stuff the fart candle guy spews out. Scott Gilligan recently bought one of Mike’s books and had to ask for his money back.

Eeeh. In his defense, it’s really tough to publish a book that inspectors rave about. Why? Because inspectors inspect for a living. You really can’t B.S. them. Furthermore, it has to be fresh. I recently released a new “expanded content” version of my “How to Run a Successful Home Inspection Business” book. But the truth is that I didn’t just add 20 pages. I took out 15 pages of crap that didn’t work for every inspector and old ideas that everyone knew about and added back in 35 pages of fresh content.

I sell a lot of the hard-copies for $30 on www.InspectorOutlet.com and after doing post-sale surveys for months, I quit doing them. Everyone felt the book was worth the money. If you bought a book and didn’t like it, please post on this message board. I’d like to know.

It looks like the hard-copies of my “expanded content” edition will be ready to take to the event. They will be free at the event.

Can’t wait? The “expanded content” version is available free as an eBook from the homepage of www.nachi.org

I know Troy, we’ve been back and forth on this before and it’s great you seem to find it useful although I’ll bet you would have done just as well with the Vault of Secrets!

The departed Thornberry gave me free access to Mike Crows stuff and I just found it laughable and hokey and still do. I’m not misrepresenting but I am very much satirizing his schtick and it is a schtick!

Just want to give others an alternate viewpoint that they don’t have to line Mike Crows pockets to learn marketing , there are no Secrets out there. Plenty of free advice on this MB and in the library. :cool:

The schtick is people having fun, and all done in good humor. MIC is not just about Mike Crow.

I am part of a group of people that will help guide me along the way to doing over nine hundred inspections this year. After doing only two hundred a couple of years ago, that’s pretty good in my book.

There is a lot of value of being part of a team that has been where you are and operate at the level you want to be at. It certainly is not for everybody, but it is so much more than what you have described.

Stay busy!

I agree. It’s as corny as can be (I couldn’t even sit through the opening last year), but it’s good to meet with other inspectors who are concentrating on growing their businesses.

I have always like reading your books, Nick. I always learn something new.