Mike holmes again oahi style !

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Background: A new 13-part series by Mike Holmes, called ‘Holmes Inspection,’ premiered October 1st on HGTV. The premise of the show is that Mike talks to homebuyers who have used home inspections in the purchase of their homes and have now encountered problems. The Holmes team spends the bulk of the one-hour show fixing those problems, including those noted by home inspectors in their report, and those missed by home inspectors.

The show will bring public interest to the concept of home inspections and the need for homebuyers to seek experienced and qualified home inspectors. And, as HGTV is part of Canwest (which includes various Canwest newspapers and Global TV), there will be some media interest in the show in certain markets. As well, it may be that CAHPI members will hear feedback on the show in their communities, or on the doorstep, and be asked for comment on the show.

CAHPI members should refer media requests to their provincial/regional president and/or registrar, and provide phone numbers and CAHPI email address. As well, they can also suggest the media contact the CAHPI National registrar for information and the CAHPI National president for comment. The basic messages CAHPI members themselves can provide to inquiries are presented below.


· Members of CAHPI are qualified home inspectors, and are pleased that Mike Holmes and his show are focusing attention on the need for consumers to use qualified home inspectors on the biggest purchase of their life, the purchase of a home.

· Right now, everywhere except British Columbia where home inspectors must be provincially licensed, anyone can call themselves a home inspector. Simply by hanging out a shingle, a person is in a position of authority, able to pose as an expert and shape someone’s decision to buy a house. If Mike Holmes makes consumers and governments more aware of this danger, he’s doing Canada a great service. And the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors of Ontario is right there with him.

[FONT=Times New Roman]If this season of Mike Holmes is like past seasons, Mike will be telling viewers that choosing a qualified home inspector is critically important. One way to choose a qualified home inspector is to visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation website, and once there, just type “Hiring a Home Inspector” in the search box.[/FONT]
Please send your feedback to oahi@oahi.com.

Established by the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors Act, 1994*
*Box 38108, Castlewood R.P.O., Toronto, Ontario M5N 3A8
Telephone: (416) 256-0960 or 1-888-RHI-OAHI (744-6244)
Email: oahi@oahi.com Fax: (905) 771-1079
Web Site: www.oahi.com](http://www.oahi.com/)

When push comes to shove they still have no proof that there is a need or a benefit for or from licensing.

A more interesting question is “How does a contractor like Mr. Holmes avoid a conflict of interest while on the one hand identifying problems in an inspected house and then repairing them?” How can the public rely on him to be operating like a disinterested third party while he makes pronouncements about the home inspection industry while promoting his own ‘unqualified’ inspectors? :shock:

Mighty Mike needs a cape and spandex !!

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Licensing would have prevented Mike from inspecting that multi dwelling unit in episode 1. Including the team that he brought in to repair the problems, which last time I checked creates opportunity for conflict of interest.

Furthermore, the first inspector missed the cracked bathtub… but so did Mike Holmes, the Plumber is the one who found it. If I was Mike I would have been to embarrassed to show my face for the rest of the show when the plumber said the tub is cracked. What about the homeowner? Don’t you think she may have noticed the cracked tub during her daily showers? If Mike missed the cracked tub, what else did he miss? Its pretty easy to identify a problem when the kitchen ceiling is raining.

BTW, where was the permit and the municipal building inspector during all of the upgrades and repairs?

Episode 1 was not a typical home inspection. NACHI TV has inspections that are more realistic. As far as I am concerned, the show was a joke. So far out of touch from reality. Unfortunately it will be a misconception to the average consumer that doesnt understand the industry.

Again, the real problem is the Realtors controlling the inspection industry. Not a glorified HGTV show with a fancy infrared camera.

There ya go !

Th ‘hole’ looked like impact damage, and it probably happened during either the vendor’s or the buyer’s moves. (people drop stuff) I suspect the hole wasn’t even there during the original inspection.

Nonetheless, as Mark correctly points out, the hole was certainly there when Mr. Holmes did his 'inspection and he missed it even though he, unlike the first inspector, knew that he was looking for a leak.
Holmes built his entire show on a false assumption, but hey, the lady got a $ 100,000 renovation for free !!!

Bill Mullen

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"Again, the real problem is the Realtors controlling the inspection industry. Not a glorified HGTV show with a fancy infrared camera."

Agreed 100%. And here we have PHPIO inviting the real estate industry to the table to ‘advise’ on possible licensing of our industry. Licensing may also have prevented a lot of experienced inspectors from looking at this house as well . . .

Agree seems you may partially agree based on your comment from the other thread!

Consulting with Realtors regarding Home Inspections is equal to a car sales person telling a mechanic how to install a transmission.

Its amusing and obviously the inspection industry has something to gain from catering to the real estate industry.

Why does the Real Estate industry, based on sales, have anything to do with us, based on trades and science. It creates potential for conflict of interest and very few people want to rock the boat.

Except for http://www.independentinspectors.org/ ofcourse.

[FONT=Verdana]I expect Mike will do very well with his business model. He will recruit the best of the best and take this “Franchise” Nation wide. He will set the standards and be responsible for putting a huge # of HI’s out of business. I expect the average or below average HI to be out of business within 2 years.
I suggested 2 years ago that all HI’s should get certified in thermography and to offer this service. All Mike Holmes inspectors are IR certified. This technology will set you apart from other HI’s (among other things) as it has for Mike! It’s all about staying current. I suggest that HI’s do not discount Mike, he is a sharp guy on a mission and he will succeed in this business! I know it’s hard to compete with a man that can run for Prime Minister and WIN but just remember that Mike can’t do all the home inspections out there!

Mario, this is what I would have guessed at first as well however, this is does not appear to be the case. I received a call from a person at Mike Holmes Inspection about a week ago and I know others have as well. I found out a couple of interesting things:

  1. His business model does not consist of setting up franchises. My understanding is they are hiring existing inspectors to work for them on a contract basis. For example, they book an inspection and then call their contract inspectors in the area to see if they have availability. If they do, they then perform the inspection as a “Mike Holmes Inspector”.

  2. They do not appear to be recruiting the best of the best. Instead, it appears they are recruiting the cheapest inspectors as they only pay 50% of the inspection fee to the inspector. This would be just under $300 for the inspector for their “Essential” inspection on a single family home up to 2500 sq.ft. as their fee is $595.

I currently do not have my pricing on my website so I’m guessing that’s why I was one of the people who was called. My pricing is similar to theirs so I would be working for half price if I were to perform contract inspections for them. In the Edmonton area, around $300 is what the cheapest inspectors charge so with the commission Mike Holmes Inspection pays I would guess they will be getting people who are desperate for work and/or currently do the cheapest, low quality inspections.

I hope the public becomes aware of this or there may be a lot of people who are getting less than they bargained for. It is possible they provide training or demand high quality from their contract inspectors but I have a hard time seeing someone doing a high quality inspection and report for $300…at least in this area.

WOW …so if that day i am a Mike Holmes inspector i can tell the client rip down the whole house and rebuild it!!! …What an awsome job!!! lol!!!


I was also approached by (Scott) the Mike Holmes group

If Canadian inspectors do not bond as a unit with regard to this guy, they you deserve what you get.

My suggestion is to form an inspection cartel, not an association. Cartels are a common business model for a variety of businesses facing competition. There was once a franchise known as Pet Food Giant. They would blow into town, set up a huge store, offer unbelievable deals, and try and destroy local businesses. They even set up shop directly across from a competitor.

A cartel was formed by independent shop owners. Know what? Pet Fod Giant is no more, and the guy he set up shop across from is still in business, in a larger store.

Come on guys, you are better than this!

Be careful with cartels…

Quote -
As this language demonstrates, cartel conduct is not *per se *illegal in Canada.
Rather, section 45 prohibits only those conspiracies that have “undue” anti-competitive effects,
as determined under a partial rule of reason analysis.[FONT=Times New Roman][size=1]3

The purpose of such a cartel would be to protect the general public from mis-information and deceptive business practices of an alleged inspector who is well-funded and has business interests outside of the HI industry.

No anti-competition intended…

Holmes Inspections = Pillar to Post = Amerispec = Global Property Inspections and so on and so on…

Just another franchise. I will still be flipping burgers when McDonalds comes to town :slight_smile:

OK, here is the deal, Mike Holmes is a tv show …thats it thats all, he is to me as Martha Stewart is …bull shi…!!! soon there will be Mike Holmes razers for men and Mike Holmes body mist for ladys… .He is a public toy that one day will brake !! :stuck_out_tongue: So lets continue to laugh our asses of watching him rebuild every building on earth oh yea and inspecting them! ha ha ha…