Holmes making more money off of misinformation

http://www.thesudburystar.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=2172597.This guy makes more money off of misinforming the public. InterNACHI, ASHI, and the Canadian Associations should have a rebuttal to his assertions. He makes it look like HI’s are all incompetent. I would find the defects he finds if I had permission to demo half the house.

the person who wrote that article was definatly a fan.

Canada’s best handyman, Mike Holmes, comes to the rescue when the dream of homeownership turns into a nightmare in “Holmes Inspection,” airing Thursdays on HGTV Canada.

All the homes featured on the series were assessed by professional home inspectors, but you wouldn’t know it.

These real-life money pits are costing the homeowners far more than they anticipated because the problems were supposed to be uncovered before the sale. Many of the issues are pre-existing and may have been around for ages. **Often they’re layers deep and covered by great-looking upgrades. **

Holmes comes in to assess the issues, review the official home inspection and help determine what needs to be done before bringing in the team, led by foreman Damon Bennett, to help -say it with us now -“make it right.”
Anyone who’s purchased a house can’t help but feel for the homeowners as they relay horror stories of things going wrong with their new homes. And all this hassle comes after they’ve paid to have the home inspected professionally.

Most homeowners can come up with a story of a handyman or maintenance person who took them for a ride. But in the case of “Holmes Inspection,” people have purchased homes they thought passed code. Not only is money lost thanks to these incompetent pros, but so is faith.

Owners share their inspection reports with Holmes, who, as so often is the case in his shows, is truly baffled by the issues he uncovers as well as the incompetence of the so-called pros. It’s jarring to see how many problems have been missed -and by reputable inspectors.

Fortunately, Holmes knows homes.

Ok someone please visit holmesonhomes.com I believe and send me a good contact email address. The site is blocked right now for me. I’m going to have a chat with Mike or someone who does homeinspections with his company. He needs to let us in on his secret or he needs to start following a true SOP like the rest of us. I’ll keep you posted on our conversation.

That says it all. No need to read further.

Yes sir it does. Do me a favor and get me a email address.

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Personally I don’t see the big issue. It’s bringing awareness to consumers, pretty much just like Steve Ramos’ show on the west coast. I don’t believe the shows intentions are to say “ALL” inspectors are incompetent, just that they are out there and consumer beware.

IMO, if the shoe fits, wear it.

Brian I’m a huge fan of the show. Always have been. The problem is the company promotes that we should be finding hidden defects. They also state we should be doing code inspections. What’s your thoughts on that?

For me it’s not an issue. During my initial talk with my clients I explain to them what they should expect during my inspection. Hidden defects and codes are the main items we discuss. It’s common sense that I can’t see hidden defects without physically tearing the home apart. I explain I’m not a code official, so codes do not come into play. However, I will bring safety issues to their awareness.

When they say “Mike Holmes says you should be looking for this or that”, I politely say “That’s on tv, this is reality”.

I don’t let a tv personality affect my business, when a client calls me, they are calling me for a reason. If they are misinformed by television, I attempt to set their mindset back on track. Just because it’s on tv, does not make it right or factual.


Better get a 1945 code book ready :slight_smile:

I got the best idea EVER for this tool! Why don’t we get about 5 or 6 Inachi inspectors to go inspect the house he remodeled? I know there are some flaws there…I know someone would want to make this guy look like an ***. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NICK!!!


To be honest Mike Holmes does know the construction trade very well to include code. What appears that he doesn’t know is home inspections is a simple overview on what is visible.

They all make mistakes. Unless he does every aspect of the work, then who cares. I know awesome GC’s who hire sucky subs…so he is great but his product sucks. Would just be nice to give him a taste of his own medicine. Doesn’t he do home inspections too or own a home inspection company?

Mike is currently in production on Holmes Inspection,](http://www.holmesinspectiontv.vom/) a new television series airing on HGTV Canada. Holmes Inspection shines the flashlight on homeowners who face unexpected, expensive repair bills and even potentially dangerous living conditions because they received incomplete, vague or simply incomplete information from a home inspector. After a Holmes Inspection where Mike identifies problems with the house, he and his crew Make it Right™

Mike is a contractor with integrity, who knows the importance of resourcefulness and craftsmanship. In 2006 Mike Holmes was recognized in Canada’s House of Commons for his promotion of skilled trades and for his advocacy for improved building standards. He was acknowledged as an “extraordinary craftsperson” and “an accomplished master builder with a social conscience”.

So he owns a Home Inspection Company and he fixes what he finds!!! Totally WRONG…

Amazing how some folks and “spin” things.

Jealousy can be a hard pill to swallow…

The last Holmes HDTV show I watched, the gas water heater replacement was on the garage slab not 18" above. Very easy and he missed it!

See, were not all perfect. Plus, it’s t.v.

Go to HGTV’s Canadas website and click on the picture of Mike Holmes with a flashlight. They are actively seeking out homeowners who have a complaint about the inspection they had done up to 1&1/2 years ago. These homeowners have had a year plus to identify defects an inspector had a few hours to find. Holmes’s inspectors will be told about the problems as they arrive. I can’t remember when the last time was that the seller told me about the major problems he had with his house when I arrived for the inspection. It’s all to easy to throw a previous inspector under the cart… and it’s wrong. It’s wrong because it’s not the same time, not the same conditions and not the same SOP of inspection. That’s because they haven’t got one they are making it all up as they go along. Maybe makes great TV, not reality though.

Thats not jealousy, thats hard facts! He is on a different field and want to play the same game! To me the guy is a cook, he is misleading people just like the ones he wants to protect! Some people will follow anyone blindly. This guy gives our industry a bad name and is very misleading.

So you think he should be on iron chef?:mrgreen: