Mike Holmes is an Idiot....

…and you Canadian inspectors allowed him to gain credibility.

Read this. And then, read this.

Again…why not become the most famous home inspector in Canada and take on Mike Holmes. The nature of his accusations is proof, all in itself, that he knows absolutely nothing about home inspections.

This article can be his Achilles Heel if you use it, right. Picking it apart for its obvious discrepancies and leaving it strictly to be read on this message board, however, will simply be a waste of time…but still, shame on you Canadians for not ripping out the carpet to see what’s underneath.

In the second article Mike says : In most Provinces anyone can hang out a “home Inspection” shingle.
I’m thinking that would include HIMSELF as I have never seen were he is trained in anything except maybe wearing coveralls.
If anyone knows anything or has gone to training classes with Mike please post it here so we all know.

I’m quite sure he couldn’t call himself a home inspector in British Columbia, our only regulated jurisdiction in Canada.

What kind of mould is just cosmetic? If the attic truely had mould everywhere
that should have been reported in the inspection report. Not defending Holmes by any means but come on, not to report visible evidence of mould in the attic is wrong.

What kind of laboratory equipment do you carry in your truck that identifies the various substances that you come across in an attic or crawlspace?

If you kill the sale by identifying “mould” when it turns out to be some other organic substance, I will sue you out of business. If you look at some holes I have patched in my roof and then tell the buyer that I cut those holes for the purpose of making drugs…and you cannot prove it…i will sue you out of your marriage, your home and your citizenship.

This is why your SOP frees you from the identification of “mould” or identifying more than the “present condition” (and not past use) of property.

Shall I continue?

This Holmes fellow makes an interesting fictional house detective for television but he is nothing close to a home inspector, or knowing what a home inspector does.

Read this lawsuit from Delaware. Compare the actual to verdict to what Holmes would pull out of his butt on his television show.

If you have a Facebook account…go here and join the Holmes on Homes fan club and let them know what you think of this phony. I did.

First of all Mr. Bushart, I was not the one that said it was mould. I do not appreciate you trying to make an point using my post as a reference. I am smart enough to know that HI’s are not the ones qualified to make that determination. I NEVER use the word mould or mold in any inspection report.

You can continue as much as you like.

Another episode of Monday morning Mike ripping up carpet and having extensive knowledge that is not available to home inspetors under normal conditions, I would be glad to take him on. By the way is he certified to inspect solid fuel burning appliances in Ontario? What qualifications does he have to inspect electrical systems to the extent he does? Is he able to detect the diference between active mold and old moisture stains with his eyes? What qualifications are in place for the renovation industry in Ontario and has any of these?

We need to line up a couple of guys and get Nick to promote a challenge. Marcel Gratton has thrown his hat into the ring as well.

It’s time to set things straight before this guy fools the entire public.

Thanks James
This guy has gained a lot of power and I think you are right. We need to consolidate our efforts with Nicks help to set the record straight. The peformance by the Caphi guy was a good start, it showed how aragant and inept they are. If I have not been clear I want to point out about thre marketplace show that was aired on CBC tonight that shows the extent of what I am reffering to.

Click on the video link to see the story on “grow ops”.

Claude what is your opinion.

I believe Mike oversteps the bounds of reasonableness!

Do I believe home inspectors miss significant issues - yes!

Do I believe that all home inspectors would have recognized these conditions - no. But also remember unless we change the SOP, or raise the level of responsibility - the last one in always seems to be the one targeted.

From my view, it seemed these homes were already “fixed-up”. That changes the conditions and most likely disguised or intended to hide the past issues.

On another note known grow-ops are usually subject to specific health and safety requirements before being remarketed. Who dropped the ball there? The realtor, the owner - so how should this be dumped on the inspector. Since when was it mandated that home inspectors have to verify permits, zoning and other legal requirements?

Of course aside from the visible mold in the attic, and a few other visual clues, who other than Mike and his crew would be allowed as a home inspector to perform such “destructive measures”? We are not “contractors or renovators” and are ethically prohibited from performing such work.

Join me at Facebook (I provided the link in an earlier post) calling for Mike Holmes to contact Nick to arrange to meet a challenge posed by Canadian home inspectors.

Let’s take the sledge hammer out of his hands and make him write a report and have him actually describe defects in a report. He can’t do it.

I just watched this show at http://www.cbc.ca/marketplace/2010/grow_op_cover_up/main.html

You can attack holmes all you want but the bottom line is all five inspectors missed the mould in the attic. At our last AGM in Calgary we had the RCMP present a lecture on “how to recognize a grow-op”
So I know that the InterNACHI inspectors that attended that meeting would have recognized this house as a grow op. Can we report it as a grow-op? The Realtor would be pissed off. I had one shouting at me not long ago when I mentioned that possibility. My client walked and it’s a good thing. Remember the Realtor takes no responsibility he’s just a salesman. You as the inspector will be sued. Again you must be aware and recommend further testing and a professional mould evaluation. If you have the training as an IAC then proceed with the tests and evaluation.

inspectapro wrote:
Posted 2010/01/08
at 6:37 PM ETHOW DARE CBC’s self-appointed “censors” eliminate my previous comment simply because it was not politically correct. Who does Mike Holmes think he is, GOD? More important, what is this with a public broadcaster THAT I PAY FOR gratuitously eliminating my comment simply because I show that Holmes is out to bash the inspection industry - fully backed by CBC!

The interview I heard on CJAD’s Andrew Carter Show (Thursday January 8 at 07:40 EST) where host Erica Johnson was interviewed, was not only biased and strictly one sided it painted a “Mike Holmes bashing” of all inspectors! UNFAIR, INACCURATE, BIASED.

And when we attempt to reply, the CBC’s “politically correct” brigade eliminates my comment. Well the Ombudsman and the CRTC will get copies of this as will CBC Management!

There are several licenced (National Certification) and professional inspectors out there that have unduly been hurt by Holmes’ usual “bull in a china shop” comments!

I insist the CBC give us a right of reply to this unwarranted prejudice!

Vern…There is no such thing as “hiding” behind the SOP. It is our dictionary that defines what we do. When someone pays you for “a home inspection” they are paying you for your performance in accordance with that SOP.

Yes, inspectors can attend additional training to learn more about drug houses and the such…but if it is not a part of what a home inspection is, they have not erred in missing it.

The Canadian media…assisted by the silence of Canadian home inspectors…are dictating to you what your job is. They are telling you that you have a duty to ensure that there are no surprises and that the happiness of the home buyer is your responsibility…and anything that you did not include in your report that contributes to their bad day is your fault.


Sellers have a duty to disclose. Real estate salesmen have a duty to be honest and the buyer’s agent has special duties to the buyer as well.

For our relatively small fee…we do not ensure happiness. We follow specific guidelines (our SOP) and prepare a description of the present condition of the home and its systems. We do it NOT with complete and total accuracy, for we cannot see under carpets or behind drywall, but we do it with due diligence and according to a protocol.

The ignorance of the public as to what a home inspection really is has been a result of our failure in educating them. In the absence of this real education from us, they are being educated by the media and levels of expectation are being set that will be impossible to meet.

I saw the video of the broadcast and was pissed and sent the email at the bottom which I suspect will find its way to his flunkies and will probably be laughed about in the office. I receive a reply as I typed this post and decided to tack it on the end.
This is crap. I am sick and tired of Home inspectors being targeted by irresponsible journalist and contractors. If it weren’t for the dishonest, ignorant and lazy home owner/seller. There wouldn’t be a need for our profession. Yes, lets not forget the lackadaisical buyer that relies on us to pull his bacon out of the fire. And if we miss anything is there any grace extended? No we are expected to repair and remodel the home. Don’t misunderstand, they are not all like that, just enough to provide me with a profession I love. Oh, please not the solicitation for disgruntled home-buyers. Cheap *hore! And he is going in after the fact. Not even a buyers inspection, a mere rip and shred.

Dear Mr. Holmes,

I have had the pleasure of viewing your television show on HGTV and accepted you as one of the good guys. You appear on the surface to care about home owners and buyers. However I have come to realize recently that you are a building contractor the same as the rest with one exception. You are a media whore. You only care about your image and will trample anyone you can, to build yourself up. You have lost a respectful viewer.

You see I am a Home Inspector and I battle with Contractors of all sorts constantly. Generals, Plumbers, Sparkys, HVAC and the occasional wannabe. The reason? They think that they understand what a Home Inspector does and what is involved in an inspection.
You clearly demonstrate your ignorance and arrogance. You have the luxury of destructive inspection, following behind others and enjoying the benefits of a relationship with the media. If I rip up carpet to verify a hunch the home seller would have my head on a platter. You get to go in when there is a complaint, and willing owner to your demolition. I see that you are now in the inspection business, and I wish you well on your newest television endeavor. I hope for you, there is no irresponsible generalizations leveled on your industry because some egotist sees an opportunity to profit or attack the opposition.
God be with you,

Noel Elliott
InterNachi Member in
good standing

Thanks for your email.

We are now receiving thousands of letters weekly from our viewing audience. It’s no longer possible for our small team to personally respond to each and every request.


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Thanks for indicating my post on CBC’s website. Indeed, when I heard the interview with Marketplace host Erica Johnson I was taken aback!

This situation seems to be a great opportunity to raise the bar and show the world that all inspectors are not incompetent as was the impression seemingly left by this episode of Marketplace

Wow… I agree with claude …This is truly a historical moment !!