Mike Holmes Inspection school

I can’t believe that my town has no clue that he is not a “Home Inspector”.
As for his HGTV program,the amount of mistakes he has made along with his so-called professionals makes me sick. If he had to do an inspection according to InterNachi standards he would look like a rookie. There is many times I wish I had a certified electrician, certified plumber ect with me but than I would see conflicts of what is code and what is safe. This is the most frustrating thing about being an Inspector. You can’t just pull out your books and find the answer. Years of schooling helps but you can not recall everything. Most good inspectors build the report at home doing research from there books and if need be the Internet, the reports are never hard for home owners to understand, the pictures are clear, precise, descriptive and are always geared to make them make the decision not you.
We as an organization have to stand up against this kind of attack against our profession.:shock:

As much as we love to knock Mike, not one of the associations has had the insight to send out a press release correcting the wrongs Mr. Holmes is famous for.

Even more hypocritical is we have folks knock him, while ignoring the other obvious problems within associations which help foster Mike Holmes businesses.

I guess talk is cheap. :wink:

Send me a list of examples and how they have damaged our industry. The ALLIANCE of CANADIAN HOME INSPECTORS will be happy to send out a press release on behalf of all of us.

I believe one of the pre requisites for enrollment into the program is that you have to design and construct your own desk and chair …to code of course! If you’re gonna do it …do it Mike’s way! :mrgreen: :wink:

of course. need some filler to stretch that course into 2 yrs. Whats next? Holmes University? where you learn the same 1 year program in 3 or 4 for a Masters degree.