Do you know of any.......

Mike Holmes’ Home Inspection franchises? Curious if many threw their hat in with his organization.

There is no Mike Holmes Franchise. They call you. The Holmes Group called me and I met with one of their people and we talked about myself working for the Holmes Group on a contract base. They are looking for good inspectors and some of the requirements are RHI, Level 1 Thermography and own a camera, number of years working as a home inspector, any law siuts and be willing to buy insurance a million plus.

Think you’ll be a taker?

I don’t think Mike will be calling myself…:mrgreen::twisted::roll:

I was banned from his boards about 5-6years ago for bringing research to the boards at times that disproved a lot of what the top poster was claiming. He was getting p–d off and complained to the administrator. The admin and I then got into a discussion and “poof”, I was banned. At that time, Mike did not own or control the Mike Holmes website…it was run by a cult member from the US!!

Have not signed a contract as of yet. A few things I do not like that are required.
1 You have to use the Horizion electronic reporting they can can check over your report and make changes, I do not mind them checking the report before it goes out I just do not like the Horizion soft wear, I use 3D now. I was told that sometime the first of the year they will have their own reporting system so we will what that looks like.
2 They want everyone to carry 24ft ladder.
3 You have to wear their uniform for their inspections but you can not wear it to one of your own, so that means having to change clothes between inspections.
4 They require 1.5 million E&O insurance coverage which the inspector pays for himself.
5 You cannot advertise that you work for him in anyway.
They do pay you half the cost of the inspection and mileage over 80 k from your office.
The last I heard from them was that they were in the process of getting 2 or 3 Toronto inspectors up and running and I would contacted in the new year.

About an hour ago, I talked to my old HI company partner in London…how will you inspect anything there until spring???

Mikey’s requirements seem a bit restrictive and controlling…he gets the $$$$ and you don’t get to get any recognition from his org!! Wouldn’t be my cup of tea!!

Thanks for the info!!

BTW, I know they contacted a local CAHPI RHI in the summer…they still have no Maritime representation on the website.

They are working on the Ontario,Alberta and B.C. markets right now as far as I know. I have heard that they will be going to the states at sometime but that could years away.

They did their big recruitment drive here six months ago. I do not think any InterNACHI members signed up. If they did they would have to give up their membership in InterNACHI because their practises violate our COE.

Gee you are lucky NICK/NACHI is so easy going .
I sure can understand why Mike Had you removed if you attacked him and their BB the way you do attack NACHI and it’s members.
I am surprised I have family from the east coast and have visited there many times and just about all the people from the Canadian East coast are great people .
I find it hard to believe you where raised down east.

In which way Vern if you don’t mind my asking?

I’m a real monster, Roy. You must have heard about me in your visits down here. I couldn’t imagine that you didn’t!!! …No!!>>>

Geez, I’ll have to try harder!!:mrgreen::p:twisted:

Brian you might gain more respect if you posted correct information and not information that is absolutely nonsense.

There is all kinds of documents posted on Holmes forum from the National Research Council, CMHC, and Building Science Insight, and Fine Homes, etc. and none of is removed. I know because I post there and no one has ever removed anything I have posted nor the documents I provide to back up my posts.

If you were a little more humble and not as full of yourself as you continually display here you might gain the respect you sorely seek.

[size=4]I’m a real monster,
[size=3]Not one to want to disagree with you on this but it is not some thing I would Brag about .
most people have enough sense to never admit to things like this but if the shoe Fits then you can wear it .[/size]
Sort of fits well with many of your posts attacking non stop . Not the way most people operate .

Got a mirror?? Are you allowed to post at the CANNACHI site any longer. I notice that the “Three Amigos” have not been around the last week or so! What’s up??

[size=3]What’s the matter BRIAN do you find it lonesome up there no one for you to attack .[/size]
[size=3]Poor boy tooooo bad .
I see you wander all around NACHI to find a place to complain from Canada to Florida and California .
Poor little baby has no home.
I guess you have not been paying attention .
I have moved on and removed many of my posts .

Brians last desperate post on CANNACHI .

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Quote](Login) Glad you posted something here, Bryce! Was getting to think Marcel and I were the only ones left on earth!!

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I have moved on and removed many of my posts .

Obviously not, sing after me Roy…

Ray writes about Brian:


Cute Marcel it is obvious how desperate you are about I and others no longer posting on the Cannachi site . You even go to THEACHI site to get informationto post on CANNACHI site . Your Last post below
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Quote]( Ray,

The exam you are referring to on the ACHI forum is a totally new, owned and delivered by the NHICC in a proctored setting. CAHPI and OAHI have nothing to do with NHICC exam, and the NHICC has nothing to do with CAHPI or OAHI.

**I guess this is the proctored exam Marcel was referring to on the CanNachi forum. So much for proctored, but maybe he meant to say an exam by a proctologist? **

Ray, Is the big grin at the end of your comment from the thought of having a proctologist examining you?
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I have to think you and BRIAN are extremly desperate for action and it shows how silly the two of you are.
How about trying to help our industry instead of advertising the secret Cult you belong too.
9 days till Christmas , Enjoy the holidays and a very Merry Christmas to all . Char and Roy

NICK I am jealous of you , You the man of few words can say so much with one word .


Any inspector who joins the Holmes Inspection network is not making a go of it on his/her own.

Why would any inspector join Holmes and

  1. Pay there own E&O
  2. Have to wear uniform
  3. Be paid half the inspection price and take all the liability
  4. Purchase a $2500 plus IR unit and then be paid half the inspection fee
  5. Have your report proof read and possibly changed without your knowledge
  6. Never meet the client nor be able to pre screen them
  7. The Holmes SOP are the ASHI standards
  8. Use the Holmes Inspection contract
  9. Holmes group does not conduct a TIPR of the inspectors it contracts with, they assume because you belong to one of the associations you are set to go
  10. The Holmes person doing the hiring knows less about home inspections because he is not a inspector and never has been one
  11. The public is being conned into thinking that Holmes inspectors are something special - they are not. They are not trained by Holmes and are left to fend for themselves and take half the fee
  12. Supply a lengthy reference list
  13. There is a customer complaint process but know one seems willing to discuss it
  14. Your other overheads are not covered by Holmes, such as vehicle, equipment costs, your education/experience are your costs

The inspections carried out by Holmes inspectors is no different than a qualified private practice home inspector. Holmes is using his name to imply the inspection is better and worth the price, baloney!

What is it about the Roy & Ray show that they cannot read and… understand what they just read?

Where did I say that the info was removed? If you know the history of the first website, you would know that they had a massive server or other data storage malfunction of earlier years info. I don’t know if the earlier data was recovered. The last I heard back then they could not; you tell me…you play there regularly!

There were threads that were locked when some of the better posters questioned what went on in the most recent shows…Mike could not be questioned!! Gee, I think Buddy Roy has mentioned that about Mike’s web forums!

Is the “top poster” Stuart still on his boards? If so and the past data is available, go back and and find the posts where I brought “factual” information to the boards to counteract his “top poster” reputation which included “wrong” information…at which he would blow up and begin name calling immediately…which brought barely a rebuke or chastisement from the cult leader/board administrator “SAMHAIN”. Is he still around"

A couple of Stuart’s great statements:

(1) Don’t use cellulose insulation in your homes, it’s full of chemicals!

(2) One asbestos fiber will kill you! To which myself and later on another poster brought the “Asbestos in outdoor air” studies to the boards, stating that if that was really the case statistically, everyone on earth already knew how they were going to die- asbestos related death!

BTW- I was really hated on those boards also…by chance, at about week 4 of my posting there, a straw poll for “top board posters” was conducted by a member…I came in the top 5 after only 4 weeks…that’s a lot of hate!!

Welcome back to the boards, Ray! It should get real interesting now…Nick must need the hits pretty badly!