Mini breakers

Is there an issue with mini breakers? I thought I saw something on the board, but i can’t find it. I have a pic, it is the 15 amp on the left side.

I look on the panel label to see if its rated for them, and if the mini breaker is in a spot designated for them. I don’t know why, but sometimes only the bottom six are listed for mini breakers.

The panel label is missing. Is there any other issue other than it being in the designated spot? I may just report to consult an electrician since there are other electrical issues. But, I do want to know if there are problems.

One other issue with tandem breakers can be MWBCs on a tandem would be on the same phase which can potentially overload the neutral/grounded conductor.

Well the good news is that they used a Sq D tandem breaker in a Sq D panel. Judging from the grooved handles on some of the CB’s I would guess that the panel is quite old.

I would question why one circuit has a white/yellowed conductor. If the white conductor is supplying one half of a 240 volt load then there is a problem with simultaneous disconnect of that load.

I don’t think it’s an aged white conductor. It’s yellow.


How big was the panel? Total circuits limited to 42 in any panel.

That’s true for older panelboards but that requirement ended with the 2005 NEC. The 2008 NEC eliminated the 42 circuit limitation.

Mini breakers are not allowed in Chicago .
Where were you at Mike ?

I would let my client know they are not allowed verbally and then make material comments to suggest checking .

Not the worlds biggest deal but could be some dough if the box is filled which is why they use them anyway.
Think about it.
Full panel and then squeezing twice as many in could overload the thing.
Sometimes codes have a reason.

Man you guys have so many crazy rules there. Why did they prohibit them?

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