Racked dimensional shingles?

They look like they’re not staggered correctly. What do you guys think? Thanks

It is hard to tell with dimensional shingles, for me, from here.

But this kind of looks like it goes straight up:

Looks that way but I don’t see corners bent like you typically do with racking. They may have just not followed instructions for staggering.


Good point, Chuck.

How old is the house, Drew?

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They have been installed using the racking method. If you look closely, you will see the typical corner lifting issue with such installation, it is just not as prominent as you would usually see with the old-style 3-tab because of the dimensional effect. It is not recommended, and may not be allowed specifically, by the manufacturer to rack these shingles. There are some shingles that require the racking method, but not these.


Ok firstly sorry I posted this in the wrong section I was on the inspection. Heres some more I took that have corners bent . Roof is 5 years old, it’s a modular home.

Needs to be at least 4 inch offset, 5 is better. Under 4" and it’s very likely to leak unless the entire roof was I&W covered. Definitely amateur hour.

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5 year old modular

I can just see on on the full res photo.

Thank you simon. I am calling for a roofer on this just wanted the pros to get some :eyes: on it too.

I just uploaded 2 more. Arw they not coming through?

Hard getting older eyes, eh Chuck?..but, better than the alternative. IMO

I’m getting daily bifocal contacts soon…Happy.

No need to be mean about it. I have progressives.

They came thru. I stopped after I was able to confirm on the first photo. Make sure that your client knows to specify to have it reviewed by a roofer other than the one who installed it.

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LOL! Now that you mention it, I think mine are progressives and I like the daily use and toss 'em. I have the exact same prescription in both eyes, too.

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There goes the manufacturers warranty!

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Hey simon when you say I&W are you referring to shield and ice?

Yeap! It’s called Ice and Water shield, protector, underlayment, etc…

PS (the 10 char min rule sux)

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