Missing flashing and moss

I find concerns around dormers all the time.






I hate dormers and skylights. Never cut holes in your roof.

I tell clients there are two kinds of skylights.

Those that leak and those that will.

Didn’t need IR for this one.

Dormers are small structures that could leak, with their own roofs that could leak, and their own windows that could leak, inserted into a hole cut into your roof. I can’t stand them.

If you don’t know their history (they’re basically insinuate that the home that is too small for the number of occupants)… they do look nice.

Great points about dormers. Beauty comes at a cost…

I tell people skylights were very popular in the 80s and there are reasons we rarely see them anymore and explain why. Dormers actually add living space sq ft and I don’t have issues with them, done right.
Skylights have condensation problems even if they never leak.

Does that roof on the front of that house have enough slope for asphalt shingles?

What flashing are you saying isn’t present?

Why is missing moss a bad thing?

Siding Contractor must have moved.
J-channel is right on top of the roof shingles.
The nails of the J- channel are about 1" above the shingles through the flashing. Good thing you don’t have snow.

Moss holds water, but lichen eat the asphalt.
Both are bad news for a roof shingle.