Missing gas meter

So I ran into this the other day and am curious if this is something common or definitely a defect? The meter box was missing but gas was still being supplied to the home. Could the meter box be somewhere else?

Yes it could be someplace else, Bradley.


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Could be inside the home.

I couldn’t find it anywhere else in the home or on the property. Very weird. Should it be marked up if I couldn’t locate it?

Yes, narrate that it could not be located by the inspector and to have the gas company investigate further…or, ask the owner.


Awesome, thank you guys so much! I’ve got one other question while I have you on here. I had a roofer call me today saying drip edge was not needed because there is a half inch kickout on the fascia board. I’m also under the impression that drip edge is not necessary all the time but with the roof sheathing so close and exposed, I marked it up suggesting drip edge. Is this something you’ve

heard before regarding the kickout being sufficient as drip edge?

IMO, That kick-out is not a substitute for drip edge flashing. Tell the roofer to kick rocks and stand behind your recommendation.


What is Drip Edge on Your Roof? (Why You Need It, Cost, & More).


Duplex/townhome? It’s usually a bank of shut offs located together.

Roofers will charge you $10,000+ for a new roof, but then argue about putting $60.00 worth of gutter apron on it.


Home could have a buried propane tank. Common where I am at. Did the appliances say NG or Propane on the labels?

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Although the roofer is saying it has a half inch kickout, according to the comment you posted, it should be flush with the sheathing. It sure doesn’t look very flush to me. Just doesn’t seem like it would do a good job at all.



It’s all LP gas appliances.

I can’t tell from your photo what you actually have. My post was to show that there are exceptions from the norm that may justify what the roofer is telling you. If anything, you can use the info in the article to assist you with your response.

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That changes everything!


That is for sure!

Good question Daniel.

…probably a buried tank, if you cannot see it.


Sometimes the gas meters are located inside a below ground meter box (also known as a vault) that are usually located near the edge of the property or next to the street.

Or is it possible the gas meter is connected to another nearby structure

I was going of the OP’s statement that the appliances were all LP. :man_shrugging:


Yes, it there is a propane tank somewhere, probably a small round lid in the yard. OR you missed the big ass tank somewhere on the property :smiley: