Roof drip edge

Roof today has the 8" drip flashing sticking out 2-3" beyond the edge of the shingles and 1-2" beyond the edge of the fascia. Outside of being ugly and not installed right, do you see any problems that will be caused?

I wonder if it was an after thought when they realized the shingles didn’t make it all the way to the edge of the roof?



Judging from your photo it is just one of several indications the roof was not installed by a professional. Those shingles look like they were laid down by a couple of drunks. There is no telling what else was done improperly that you can not see. Proceed with caution!

Before thought, during thought, after thought, irrelevant it’s just wrong and outer course of shingles requires tear off and CORRECT reinstallation. While they are doing this they can very easily also install proper drip edge flashings

man if all of these were the same house, you got one messed up inspection, hope you charged enough

BINGO-I did OK, it is a small 2 bedroom single bath cabin.

How do you like the vents through the roof?



This is DIY at its best!

ACME Hack-em at your service!!!

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No Jack that is DIY at its worst!!!

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For some reason after looking at the pic, I’m think major leaking for starters? :mrgreen:

I’ve seen the shingles cut back a 1/4 to 1 inch but several inches from the edge? Here’s ur sign :margarit:

Hi Scott, Pretty slow out here but I,m starting a marketing campaign for heat loss surveys using the Ir camera, hopefully that will keep me busy.
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The roof is shrinking!!! :wink: