Metal drip edge missing

I perform inspections in Oklahoma, I have been in discussion with builders here about them leaving then metal drip edge off the home. They say it’s not code and that they don’t need to put it on. what are you alls thoughts on this?
I have been writing it up as defective still since it is not there.

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I think they a fuc*ing fools…Tell them I said so…ok.
I’m a contractor… And I would never ever skimp on the roof…Nope!
The cost of providing a proper drip edge will extend the roof sheathing on the home by very many years…
The drip edge serves several functions.
Would you buy a home without it…?
Tell them dumb asses to pound dirt…
They are really stupid.
Welcome to the NEW neo generation…
It’s sad…Yep!

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Roy is correct, the cost is so minimal vs. the benefits that it is foolish not to do it.

I inspect in Georgia but my son-in-law is in roofing in Oklahoma. He sent me this article on the drip edge being required on all roofs since 2012.
I hope you can read the article, attached.

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Tell him he’s full of crap

Section 905.2.8.5 Drip Edge

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Yes this. ^^^^^^

Well I have seen all of this however , Oklahoma City has not adopted that section of the code for roofing drip edge yet.
So I try to educate my clients on the importance of the the drip edge. Thanks for the respose.

Then you tell him the roof covering is not installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation standards which will call for drip edge flashing (code says follow manufacturer’s installation instructions).

Since you’re not performing a code compliance inspections, you don’t need to give a damn that the current standard has not yet been adpted for code enforcement. His roof installation method is deficient, even if he can get it passed code compliance. You can support your assertion with multiple authoritative sources, including the current model building code and the mfr’s installation standards.

It’s not incumbent upon you to make the builder do it differently or even acknowledge that his installation is deficient. It’s your job to make your client aware and IMO, back up your opinion.

You have everything you need to accomplish that.


Chuck’s reply (just above) is spot on.

Keep in mind that manufacturer’s installation instructions trump code all the time and virtually all shingle manufacturer’s require that drip edge be in place to help protect warranty of their product.

If that element has not been installed by the roofer the manufacturer of those shingles won’t warrant them.

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The homes I see without drip edge have rotting fascias and sagging gutters. There is the proof for needing a drip edge.