Improper Main Disconnect Breaker??

Inspected a 1962 duplex that had electrical system upgraded. I’m not the best at electrical. The breaker panel is rated at 125 amps but the main disconnect breaker is 160 amps. Is this an issue??

Where do you see a 160 amp breaker?
I see an 80.

80 X 2…duh…:mrgreen::wink:

That was what I was thinkin’.

Even using common core math, the panel is still rated higher than the breaker. 125>80.

Not an issue because the main is an 80 amp, 2 pole breaker.

I assumed two 80 amp
equals 160. Am i incorrect??

Did you remove the cover to check for any terminal/bus contamination?
It looks like a little paint on the breakers.

Yes that’s incorrect. Your panel is fed with 240 volts and into a 2-pole circuit breaker. The rating of the CB is 80 amps. Each of those poles would be 120 volts to ground.

If you got paid for this inspection please return the client’s fee and stop inspecting until you have the proper training on basic issues.

I stated earlier that I am not great at electrical. I’m sure your career was not a breeze and that you know everything. The moment we think that we are too good to ask what we don’t know, the moment we stop Learning.

Sorry if you take offense but this is BASIC knowledge along the lines of not sticking a bare wire into a receptacle. Your client is paying for services that, at this level of knowledge, you are not able to provide.

I don’t claim to know everything about inspecting and I ask questions even after many, many years. As long as you are inspecting, you will run in to items you have never seen before or where you need a second opinion. That is to be expected. At the same time, if you are putting yourself in the public eye as a professional inspector, and charging a professional fee, the client has a right to expect you to have a basic, rudimentary knowledge of what you are doing.

Very well said!

I often get schitt upon for making the same observations. We should see more of it.

Thanks Stephen and Doug . We do not need people with little knowledge trying to do an inspection .It is not fair to the purchaser and sure hurts our industry.

Absolutely . And another reason the students area should have some sort of oversight and have the students get a better foundation to build on. Doesn’t appear that that is any concern since some are allowed to,post gibberish or incorrect information and no one corrects anything . Really not helping the individual or industry.