Missouri HI Licensing/2010

Does anyone have any information about the House Bill in Missouri as for as it becoming law 1/1/2010. I looked through old posts and could not find any exact information Yes/No. I went to TAMHI’s site and the house bill does state effictive 1/1/2010 if I’m reading the ending statement right.
Comments Please!

From what I understand the bill failed.

The bill is dead.

Dr. Frankenstein is working on another and hopes to have it alive in late Fall or early Winter.


Isn’t this the third bill to die? Why do they keep trying? What difference do they think they can make the fourth time around?

The Addams family are co-sponsors.

The special interest groups, ASH*I and all of the local agent groups have been trying for over 10 years in Kansas, and finally got it through this year; still has many problems. Kansas laws are supposed to take effect 1/1/2010; but I doubt things will be ready. These groups contribute to lawmaker campaign funds every year, and it is getting close to pay-up time in Missouri. All neighboring states around Kansas are watching what goes on in Kansas. If Kansas laws start as stated, I am considering moving to the Missouri side to do inspections there. Kansas laws are a joke, putting it mildly.

The Missouri Association of Realtors feel that Rep. Parson did not give them a fair shake last year and made no attempt to move the bill out of committee. The fact that the state is out of money and is still projecting losses in revenue does not seem to register on those wanting to expand the size and cost of government when it involves protecting their sales commissions.

Instead of using their efforts to band behind the legislators who are already aware of and support the need for statewide building codes and licensed contractors…the Missouri Association of Realtors and the Missouri Builders Association spend money to fight these measures.

This year, the word on the street is that the Kansas City, Kansas realtors are wanting to gain control over ALL of Kansas City by pushing for a Missouri license that mirrors the one they just passed in Kansas. They are writing it and looking for sponsors.

St. Louis ASHI is telling its membership that the St. Louis realtors are not supporting the bill for they feel that there are too few home inspectors in the state (they estimate 350) which is not enough to financially support such legislation on their own. They do not share the same enthusiasm as the KC realtors do since they can only control the realtors on the Kansas side of the very large KC market while the Missouri inspectors are still free to “kill their deals”.

Silly Boys -

I remember at one of the very last meetings on the Kansas Bill bringing up with Senator Brownlee before the meeting the issue of HOW WILL THIS BILL BE PAID FOR

In the Hearing she raised that issue, AND the Realtors Lobbyist (Luke Bell) and a Mr Jeff Barnes (current Chairman of the Kansas Home Inspectors Commission) assured her they had checked with other SMALL state agencies and neighboring states and felt that a BIG HI Board was not needed, and that they could adequately run this one for probably no more than $40,000 a year to start out (HI licensing fee being $200).

AND with there being about 150-200 inspectors they know about in Kansas, AND then possibly the ones in states around them OR those unknown AND with HI’s paying for their own tests, etc THIS wonderful Bill should be totally FUNDED by the states Home Inspectors AND cost the state and taxpayers NOTHING …

Until they try to enforce thier rules against an HI with resources and a very smart attorney and the state attorney then has to starting spending those state tax dollars and so forth and so forth …:roll:

Yep. Never a better time than this for civil disobedience.

How much of the taxpayer’s money can be spent monitoring every trip I make into Kansas to see if it is a home inspection or a shopping trip. I always take a ladder shopping with me in case the prices are too high.

Do you support all civil disobedience or just when it’s your ox being gored?

It depends.

There have been unjust laws passed and, subsequently, overturned when enough people have disregarded them.

Our country was founded on this principle, most notably by a few young men in Boston who felt a tax on their tea to be unfair.

Rosa Parks not only changed a law, but changed the world by simply refusing to comply with the law and refused to give up her seat.

The list is long…and proud.

Brave people risking much have done great things through civil disobedience. Henry David Thoreau wrote an amazing essay on it a couple hundred years ago.

Just checking Jim. :wink:

I remember many years ago, my brother who works as a maintenance man in an industrial plant in Jefferson City, Missouri says that his wife actually makes considerably more money than what he makes, and I knew he was making over $60,000 a year.
She is about the second from the top at the Missouri Real Estate Commission, where she is employed, similar positions will need to be filled if Missouri would get home inspector licensing. I wonder if Molly realizes her owner is an idiot. Sad but true.