Missouri Licensing Bill #2

Well just like last year, the Missouri realtors talked naive legislators into introducing a 2nd Bill. Duplicate of 1st Bill / One in Senate / One in House

Let me know date/time. Perhaps the MAR now has a lot of money to spend, as the KAR does in Kansas. The sunset to the Kansas HI laws was recently approved in the Kansas senate 36-3. It is now in the house. No words at all about hearings or meetings. This stuff is always approved in secret.

Laws are always for them; not the consumers.

I always wondered how in the heck can you state a defect, when there are no state wide building codes?

In Kansas, there is legislation pending to force a home owner to get their home tested for radon before they sell/market their home for sale. Why not home inspections also? They are so scared about radon, what about the safety/functionality of a home for the consumer?