Kansas Radon Licensing Bill

Just heard this PM that some groups in the Kansas area have been working with KAR to get them to either SUPPORT the legislation OR to at least NOT fight the legislation AND there may a radon licensing bill introduced in Kansas within the next 2 weeks.

Thats probably a good thing, because as we ALL know there are horror stories just all over the news about BAD radon inspectors OR radon test.

It just goes on and on …

I think they need to worry about their HI cleanup bill first. I heard it has not even been filed yet. Sounds like the new HI law is in trouble big time.

Oh Joy, another program and another board. BTW are they selling real estate in KS still??

I think the members of the KAR are having too much fun writing laws and controlling the business of others than to tend to their own.

The HI will not be included in this BILL unless you are in the mitigation business. JMT

When will they get their severely impaired home inspection bill fixed to where it does not contradict itself?

Home Inspectors perform the most radon inspections.
You can dip a tard in chocolate, but it is still a tard.

HI’s will not be licensed as Radon Measurement Specialist unless you are a licensed mitigation specialist. JMT

So what you are saying that not only a Kansas home inspector will have to a licensing fee to be a home inspector but also pay a licensing fee to test for radon, and you are okay with that?
It is not like there are any actual complaints about radon inspectors.
The chocolate you are dipping on that tard does not cover up that it sinks.

Buck is a retired fire fighter and I can understand and appreciate how, for an entire career, he worked for an agency totally controlled by his local government. I’ll bet he is scratching his head and wondering what the fuss is about. His steady retirement pay comes from his local government and he has many fond memories, I’m sure.

My Dad was a firefighter and I remember the picnics and barbecues…and politicians handing out their stickers and buttons, etc…

But just for a minute…imagine that, instead of the NFPA or other qualified non-govt controlled agency…that it was an alderman who wrote the procedures for entering a burning building. Imagine that the alderman who wrote, last year, the policy for what kind of equipment you used was replaced by the guy who made a living distributing a cheaper and less dependable brand.

That is what home inspectors face when our businesses are turned into nothing less than a commodity offered at the whim … and under control … of the real estate lobby.

The fight is a legitimate one, Buck.

There are agents in offices that do their own radon testing, with $14 kits purchased at any Lowe’s or Home Depot. In Missouri, certain agents even have a web site that promotes their radon testing, and for only $75. I wonder what they charge the home buyers. Radon is an issue in Kansas, and every home for a real estate transaction should be tested. However, homes being tested by a radon mitigation company will cause several conflicts of interest. Lawmakers should take a long hard look at this through the Department of Agriculture, who license termite inspectors, for an example of what they are getting into. This is just another chance for the KAR and the agents of Kansas to regulate another piece of their pie.

Jim & Jim, what is WRONG with you guys. I did not SAY anything about liking a new license. This bill has been introduced before and will be introduced again by the migitation people.

Sorry we misunderstood!

The bill will be introduced this week.

I wonder what Home Depot and Lowes, and all of the other national hardware chain stores will say about this. Heck, home owners can buy kits on line and do the testing themselves. Is this going to be allowed, or do consumers have to go by what government dictates, again???

I think the hardware store kits will be outlawed. From what I hear, the labs providing results will need to be accredited and pay their dues to the state along with the testers and mitigators.

This law does nothing at all for the consumer in that it does not forbid the tester from being the mitigator. There is no way to check a house after the fact, once the mitigation system is installed, to see if there was actually radon present.

The law gives a free pass to scammers…but then, Kansas seems to have a tradition established in that regard, already. Right, Mr. Barnes?

Bruce Snead over at Kansas State University in ManHattan, KS has been working on this bill for several years with a Senator I believe that is from Emporia, KS. To call Bruce @ KSU his number is (785) 532-4992 and email address is bsnead@ksu.edu

Very estute individual…

So Buck just where are getting this news.

There is no way a mitigatory is going to stand still for all the reg’s and not make tester included also. The only persons allowed to test for radon will be the agents and the home seller

Laws are only created to benefit the ones who write and push them into law. This is just another example of how the government is regulating the lives of consumers, and filling the pockets of the special interest groups and companies. When in the heck is government going to serve the people?