Missouri Home Inspection Bill?

There is a rumor a bill was actually submitted to the Missouri Legislation. Has anybody heard anything?

James -

Saturday a Springfield inspector said a local realtor told him it was being submitted, and today a St Louis ASHI inspector said they were told the same thing, BUT have not seen it yet.

I heard last fall that perhaps Kansas and Missouri were going to hear from RE interest groups about submitting HI laws in both states at the same time, so that HI’s would have trouble attending. Nothing at this time: yet.

It may be late but this is what I found.


That was from 2 years ago.

Yeah… jumped the gun. I later found a more up to date info.
What prompted my curiosity initially. A Realtor ask me at an inspection if I was State licensed. I said as far as I knew nothing had been enacted. She said she thought it took affect. I checked and saw the 1/1/14 date on the Bill and searched the forum and found this thread and posted before finding other threads.

Many REA’s are NOT the sharpest knives in the drawer