Mistbox lower HVAC costs?

Does anyone have an opinion on this product ?


In principle I get the intent of the product and under ideal conditions it would lower the temp to the coils… thus causing the system to work less ??

Thoughts ?

I have more than an opinion I can tell you exactly what happens when you spray water on a hot A/C condenser. It takes about 3 days to form a nice coat of calcium build up that stops the air flow across the condenser.

I once had to keep a spray sprinkler on a very large condensing unit for a power plant control room A/C unit because the condenser fan motor went south and it was going to take a week for a replacement. I had pure hell removing the calcium after the motor was replaced. It would be a cold day in hell before I would mist my own A/C unit

Evaporative cooling works great, but you better feed it with distilled water because it will leave every mineral and other impurity in the water behind on the coil as the water evaportates. I would bet that it will void the warranty of any conventional residential condensing unit. I wouldn’t do it.