Mixed breakers in panel

Can Cutler-Hammer breakers be used inside Commander panels? There were some mixed in but they seemed to fit properly.


Did you read the information plate on the cover. It will list the breakers that can be used with that panel. Those breakers may work, but it becomes a UL listing issue.

Challenger/Commander are the same, and the Cutler-Hammer type BR breaker is okay’d for the Challenger panel. Here’s a copy of the UL letter. http://www.eatonelectrical.com/unsecure/cms1/LT01221002E.PDF

There was a transitional period of time in which Challenger and Commander panels said Cutler-Hammer/Challenger and Cutler-Hammer/Commander right on them.

There is also a situation of “classified” breakers. It is usually a Challenger breaker in a SqD panel. U/L says it was evaluated and approved, SqD says they are not on the label so you can’t do it. Inspectors are split on the issue.
The last I heard they were including a sticker with the breaker you could put on the door.

It is like generic medicine.Manufacturer has final say though when it comes to liability.

I tend to vote with those who say, if a NRTL says it is OK it is OK.
ConAgra says Peter Pan Peanut butter should be spread on Peppridge Farm bread too.