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I get calls like the one below quite frequently I must say I enjoy helping people with their problems even if no money is involved.

He found me in the HVAC thread and I can tell you it sure does not hurt to pay it forward


I called earlier today, but am not sure I have to correct phone number so I thought I would e-mail as well. My wife and I have been dealing with water getting into our duct work for a few months now. The duct work is in the foundation. Your name was recommended as someone knowledgeable in this area. We are hoping you will be able to evaluate our situation and help us determine the best solution.

Thank you

Brian Parker
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1-900-Charley ??? :smiley:

Ducts in foundation…with water in them!

Pretty common problem in my area big liability if you miss it:(

In fondation or below slab?

Beneath the Slab, Marcel, common here to.

I used to install these systems - we always made sure that the underground ducts (spiral pipe) graded back to the plenum or supply duct, so if water got in that is where it should be pumped out. In the places we were installing these systems water coming in would most likely be coming in from some form of flooding on the surface as opposed to high ground water.

The spiral pipe ductwork was surrounded by poly and coated with with several inches of concrete before the slab was poured over top of it all, so even if the galvanized spiral pipe rusted away there would still be a concrete duct. They have to be kept dry of course because of the humidity problems water in the ducts would create.

Put your phone number in your message board signature.

I did not place my Phone # in my signature in order to drive traffic to my web site where they find my phone # if they really want to talk to me:D

Any kind of water in the duct system is a problem when I find a sump pump in the plenum I recommend the duct be installed in the attic and the registers in the floor be sealed with concrete if the water problem can not be resolved with the installation of French drains