MO290 Moisture Meter vs Surveymaster Protimeter Dual

Do you have experience with the Extech MO290 Moisture Meter? I have been using the Surveymaster Protimeter Dual-Function Moisture Meter and I’m looking to purchase a new meter (the prongs stopped working). I like the GE model as it is simple to decipher/use (green, yellow, red). How is that information displayed on the MO290?

Gee that’s a good question.

I’ve used one for a few years with no issues.

Why not the Extech MO260? Why do you need the humidity alarms and an IR thermometer? $500 vs $260 at

Hi Chris, how do you like the 260? The reviews don’t seem that great on Amazon. Some say the reading isn’t very reliable. Does it work good on bathroom tiles, and drywall? I didn’t find the 260 at



I am a water damage specialist and have used both extensively. The MO290 is better because of the extra features. But they are features that most HI’s don’t use such as GPP"s along with temp and humidity. These are important features for water damage and drying, as well as mold assessment and remediation. I love the Protimeter but it lacks a few of these features which make my Extech meter an all in one must have. If you don’t care care about the extra features, price will certainly be a great determining factor. You won’t go wrong with either meter.

FYI…ceramic tile will give off a false positive for a moisture reading. Also, here is a little trick of the trade for meters…carry steel (can’t be galvanized) finish nails with you. You can drive them into materials to extend your pins for deeper readings into materials. As always, do not do damage to materials and carry wood putty and Old English for repairs.