Moisture Meters?

Hi all, I’m looking to get an affordable moisture meter.

I’m considering the Wagner BI 2200, Wagner MMC220 or Extech MO280 KH (kit with Mini IR Thermometer, Waterproof Stem thermometer, & carrying case).

Does anyone have any experience, feedback, etc. with these??


Tramex Encounter is excellent just under $500.00. Also get a Hydro Pro II excellent for detecting moisture (under $200.), I call it the Deal Killer.

A moisture meter is going to be one of the most common tools that you use as a home inspector. Spend the extra money on something that is going to be reliable and not break easy. I am not too impressed with the Extech tools for this reason. I use a Protimeter Survey Master and it has been invaluable. It has both invassive and non-invassive measurement modes along with the ability to add remote probes. They are a little more expensive, but well worth the extra money. After breaking a couple of cheaper units, I realized it was worth it to just bite the bullet and buy a better model.

Dual Function Moisture Meter

If you can beat 's price, let me know. We’ll also throw in a bunch of free books.

I have had Extech’s too…not happy at all with the durability.

I have been shopping for a Surveymaster, but there seems to be a few different models such as 5360($475), 5360L($395), 8160($439). I dont want to short myself with the wrong model. Anyone know the differences?

Delmhorst BD 2100.

I have the same one works great…

What about the Tramex Encounter Plus I have been thinking trying one?

Protimeter survery master here…actually 6 of them. AWESOME tools and when they break (which all tools eventually break) you can send them back to GZE and get a new one for about $375…