Moisture Meter

I was just about to pull the trigger and order the GE Protimeter Surveymaster Dual Mode Moisture Meter, when I made a call to Pro-Lab to inquire about their mold testing program, as I am about to start mold testing, and was told that the moisture meter they recommend is the Tramex Encounter Plus. Can I hear some more opinions on this matter please?


I use a Surveymaster. They are small, very reliable and are excepted in the mold industry. I have had mine for about six years now with no problems.

Protimeter Surveymaster is the way to go.

If you carry it in your pocket Surveymaster is great. We replace some about once a year, contact pad wears out. General in Tenn. best place for replacements.
If you wear a tool belt, moisture meter with wear pad will last longer. Our guys like surveymaster and they are cheap when you do a lot of inspections.

I recently acquired an Extech MO 270. Comes with a 4’ extension handle. No more climbing ladders to reach a high spot.

I got the Extech MO 290 with attachable pin

Thanks everyone! A lot of good information.