Mobil Homes Inspection

Hi there,
Been in business for three years, finally got a call to do mobile home inspection and suddenly realized that I don’t have template for mobile homes report.
I use HomeGauge for everything else, but they don’t have mobile home template. Could not find it anywhere. Is the custom built template the only way to go? Any chance we have Mobil home inspection report excepted throughout Canada?
Will really appreciate any advice on this matter.

It all the same inspection.

Have you gone through the training for Mobil homes?

I do one or two every week and the only thing that changes is what it is.
Single , double ect …

Good Idea to go through this.
How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobile Homes12

I agree.

Thanks, guys!
I did “How to Inspect Manufactured and Mobil Homes” course last year.
What about check points like Anchoring, ties or block pier caps? And some other things specific only for mobile homes?

Just make sure they all look good.
Not all MH have the same anchors. The manufacturer specs can be different.

Thank you very much!
Really appreciate your prompt response!

Here is another good source of info on MH…