Mobile Home Template

Curious if anyone has a template for inspecting mobile homes that they wouldn’t mind sharing.

Thanks in advance

Hi Jared,
I get this request from time to time and could make a mobile home template, but I always used my residential. I may have to add a style and material or two like Foundation panels etc or underpinning, but I considered my regular template as good as any. Can you or someone give your thought on why you may want a separate template for a manufactured home?

I’d like to see one for condo’s and town homes

It’s there. When selecting template in HG look for the template in the Residential templates folder named “Condominium.”

Also, many inspectors use their same template once again and there is a condominium intro text you can drop in at the General INFO section. Where your column header definition is located select the auto-comment button there and find the Condo intro info.

Thanks, I’m just in a habit of opening the same template every time.