Mobile Credit Card Swipe in Canada

Mobile phone swipe for Canada. Buy swipe for $99 and pay 2.99% and .20 per swipe no MOTHLY FEE. Thats as good as free in CANADA

Great info thanks… Roy

Have you been using it Kevin? I use moneris now and never have issues. There rates are comparible. The differance is I have to type in the numbers manually. I could see how this would benifit me as long as it works well.

Hi Greg
I have not used it. Started in the states, now here. Just sent in appliction today. For $99 worth the try. I like the fact not touching clients card #

Found this

Up and running with Kudos. Limmited with the blackberry as far as signature pad. Android app gives you more options and notes. Kudos itself is great, can use swipe on phone or punch in manual on laptop.