portable debit machine

Is any one using a mobile debit/credit card machine in ontario ?

Trying to find out cost and good company to deal with.

I use INTUIT - Quickbooks Pro 2010, and Mechant Services.

I love it you can process transactions and it integrates nicely on your computer. As simple as create an invoice, get the customer name, address, postal code - along with credit card info. It can be used without the extra expense of the other equipment.

See the following: http://payments.intuit.com/

Thanks Claude

I will follow up thanks for the link

Kevin, if you have a smart phone we made a deal with a bank so that you can process cards without the mobile fees through a webpage.

Hi Dominic

Even in canada, things get strange when you cross the border. Yes i have a smart phone.

Check out http://www.homeinspectorpro.com/Credit-Card-Processing.html and fill out the form and the bank will contact you. We just got everything working in Canada a few weeks ago. How it works is slightly different but the bank will explain it to you after you submit the info request form and you can decide if you like it or not.

Going to link to fill out information thanks.
Thanks Dominic

Sure thing. Let me know if you have any questions. This is the same bank our guys have been using in the US for the last 3+ years. They finally hooked up with a Canadian bank to offer processing in Canada.

Check Canada Card Processing. Look at their testimonials.

http://www.canadacardprocessing.com/testimonials/ - 1 800 262 3033

Call / email me. I will give you a debit machine rent free for 3 months. The other costs are VISA/MC at 1.6% and debit at $0.05.


I use Paypal and they now have a Smart Phone attachment that allows you to take credit cards.